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Jewellery Tools

We have hundreds of quality jewellery tools - all ideal for a range of jewellery making projects, from beading pliers, jewellery hammers and files, to pickling equipment, watchmaker tools and soldering torches. We also have professional workshop machinery which includes rolling mills, drills and microplating units – professional jewellers’ tools that will speed up your manufacturing processes. At Cooksongold, we stock a range of jewellery tools from the industry’s leading brands including Durston, Dremel, Busch, Beadalon and more. Whether you are a professional jeweller or a beginner just getting started, find the jewellery making tools you need right here.

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Technique Master Bezel Set Pro

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Shop all 12 Deals of Christmas

Treat Someone Special This Christmas

Durston Workshop Equipment

Durston Workshop Equipment

Soldering Equipment

Soldering Equipment

Artisan Metal Forming Tools

Artisan Metal Forming Tools

Foredom Power Tools

Foredom Power Tools

More Tool Gifts Ideal for Jewellery Makers

Stocking Fillers

Stocking Fillers

Gifts Under £50

Gifts Under £50

Workshop Treats Over £50

Workshop Treats Over £50

Jewellery Tool Kits

Jewellery Tool Kits

Brand New Jewellery Tools

New Mandrels

New Mandrels

New Ultrasonic Cleaners

New Ultrasonic Cleaners

New Parallel Pliers

New Parallel Pliers

New Polishing Machines

New Polishing Machines

Foredom: The Standard in Quality, Power and Performance

Foredom Pendant Motors

Foredom Pendant Motors

Foredom Variable Speed Polishing Machine

Foredom Variable Speed Polishing Machine

Foredom Dust and Fume Extraction Equipment

Foredom Dust and Fume Extraction Equipment

Shop all Foredom Tools

Shop all Foredom Tools

Jewellery Tools From Top Brands

Knew Concepts Workshop Equipment

Knew Concepts Workshop Equipment

Busch Burrs and Drill Bits

Busch Burrs and Drill Bits

Tronex Hand Tools

Tronex Hand Tools

Vallorbe Saw Blades and Files

Vallorbe Saw Blades and Files

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Best selling Jewellery Tools categories

Quality Jewellery Tools at Cooksongold

Here at Cooksongold we have hundreds of quality jewellery making tools from the industry’s leading jewellery making brands. For the professional jeweller, our jewellery making equipment range includes quality workshop equipment, lighting, drills, soldering tools, metal barrelling machines and more. For the beginner, we have everything you need to get started including jewellery making kits and a range of basic jewellery making supplies that are easy to work with.

Jewellery Tools Brands

As the UK’s leading jewellery making equipment suppliers, we have everything you need and more to get started on your latest project. At Cooksongold, we work with the industry’s leading brands to bring you the best jewellery tools, at the most competitive prices.

The Dremel hand torch, rotary tool, engraver and 3d printer, the Durston rolling mills, the Busch Burrs, Proxxon Drill and the Aquaflame micro welder are just some of the hundreds of jewellery tools we stock. Ideal for both professional jewellery making or to use at home, our brand tools are a favourite of many.

Jewellery Tools for Beginners

At Cooksongold we know that the beginner jewellery maker will need the right tools and support when getting started. We have a range of jewellery tool starter kits and jewellery design stationary for those studying the art and a range of beginners products to ease you into the process. When it comes to finding the right jewellery making tools for your next project, you’ll find them here at Cooksongold. Do you work with beads? Try our Beadalon knotter tool, ideal for speeding up your beading projects.

Discover our extensive range of professional jewellers' tools today or speak to our expert team members on 0345 100 1122.

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