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What is Lapidary

What is Lapidary?

If you’re new to the jewellery making crowd, you may have come across the term – but what is lapidary? Putting it simply, lapidary is the art of working with gemstones. There are many different ways that lapidarists work, but one of the most rewarding ways is to make jewellery with gemstones. Either as a … Continue Reading

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Great Gift Partners

One of the biggest mistakes made when buying gifts, is to choose something which simply can’t be used without the addition of another product like for example, a remote-control car without batteries or a colouring … Continue Reading

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Mohs Hardness Scale Explained

Mohs Hardness Scale Explained

Are you using gemstones in your jewellery designs? Whether you’ve been working with diamonds for decades or you’re just starting to learn the stone setting basics, it’s useful to get to know the gemstones you’re … Continue Reading