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8 Types of Stone Setting

8 types of stone settings

Whether you’re just starting out in your jewellery making venture or looking for some inspiration for your designs, discover 8 types of stone settings in our blog. From flush setting to channel setting, we’ll talk you through how each technique looks, difficulty level and the basics of how to utilise each … Continue Reading

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Mohs Hardness Scale Explained

Mohs Hardness Scale Explained

Are you using gemstones in your jewellery designs? Whether you’ve been working with diamonds for decades or you’re just starting to learn the stone setting basics, it’s useful to get to know the gemstones you’re … Continue Reading

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Top Polishing Tips

Achieving a beautiful finish is a crucial stage of jewellery production and can really make or break a piece. Polishing can be extremely daunting at first as there are many stages involved in achieving a successful … Continue Reading