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How To Anneal And Pickle Silver For Your Jewellery

Annealing and pickling your silver to start making jewellery is once of the simplest silversmithing techniques and also one of the most essential.

What is Recycled Gold?

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What is Recycled Gold?

For over a decade, businesses in the jewellery industry have promoted recycling gold methods for more sustainable production. Now, more than ever, gold is being recycled and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they are purchasing. But what is recycled gold exactly?

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Explore a Range of Wire for Making Jewellery

Discover our range of wire for jewellery making, in multiple alloys, sizes and shapes. For the beginner jewellery maker we offer a range of copper and brass wire which is a great starting point for those still learning and for the professional we have multiple alloys including 100% recycled gold & silver and palladium and sterling silver options.  Our wire options are available in multiple shapes including round shaped wire, square shaped wire, d-shaped wire and more, all of which can be cut to your exact size requirements.

Choosing the Right Wire for Jewellery Making

Wire, whether made from precious or base metals, is a crucial part of jewellery making. Used to create a range of different types of jewellery, finding the right wire is essential whether it’s an easy to use, cost effective option for those just starting their journey or a strong, precious metal option for those creating an intricate piece it is important to know what to look for.

Types of wire - We stock different types of metal including copper and brass wire, as well as sterling silver wire, and recycled yellow, white and red gold wire in a range of different carats.

What size wire – All of our wire is available in a range of gauge sizes starting from 0.3mm copper which is easy to work with, 0.6mm and up for creating earring wires, rings, bracelets and more.

What shape of wire – We offer all of our wire in a range of shapes. Round wire is the most common and versatile shape of wire which is ideal for creating findings. We also offer d-shaped wire and square and rectangular wire which is great for creating bangles and rings.

At Cooksongold we stock a huge range of wire for all jewellery making projects. With the UK’s biggest range of bullion for jewellery making, you’ll easily find the perfect choice – shop 100% recycled gold and silver in round, d-shape, square shape and more. Order exactly what you need, with ease online today.

Metal prices
Thu 11 Apr 2024

Silver (AG)
718.247 KG

Gold (AU)
60.128 GM

Palladium (PD)
26.973 GM

Platinum (PT)
24.953 GM

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