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Known for their quality, GRS have been manufacturing in the US since 1977 and are a true heritage brand for jewellers. With everything from their BenchMate® brand to their powered air engraving systems, they offer high quality tools for precise and delicate jewellery making.

We stock over 200 of the best GRS tools and accessories at Cooksongold, including the Jura by GRS range. Plus we are offering an extended 3 year warranty of all GRS products.

Our customers can also access over 700 other GRS products. Please call us on 0345 100 1122 and we’ll be happy to help.



Jura by GRS®

Designed by master stone setter Jura, discover a wide range of innovative solutions to make your stone setting work more ergonomic and efficient.

The combination of ball vice and fixtures all work together to allow you to quickly adjust your workpieces whilst delivering unlimited access for your engraving and stone setting tasks.

Jura by GRS has been engineered for optimum performance and quality plus as with all our other GRS lines, they come with an extended 3-year warranty.



The GRS BenchMate® Encore range delivers the widest range of motion available from any hands-free workholding tool. The innovative system is designed to offer increased efficiency, versatility and manoeuvrability when setting, engraving, saw piercing and soldering at the bench, streamlining your operations for increased productivity.

The GRS BenchMate® range also includes a number of innovative components that boost productivity and reduce the time spent on daily tasks.



The GRS range of workholding tools and accessories have been designed to provide you with the solid work support you need for stone setting, engraving and other precision work. Depending on whether you are looking for a workholding vice for smaller jewellery work or one that is more suitable for heavier work, our range of GRS MicroBlock and Standard blocks will provide essential support for any setting and engraving task.

The GRS workholding range also includes a number of accessories and attachments that help solve workholding problems.

GRS MicroBlock Workholding Vice

• Provides essential support for smaller setting or engraving tasks
• Suitable for jewellery, stone setting and small engraving
• Features self centring jaws
• Provides full range of tilt

GRS Standard Block Workholding Vice With 34 Piece Accessory Set

• Provides essential support for engravers and craftsmen alike
• Suitable for heavier work 
• 34 piece moveable accessory set for wide configurations
• Ability to securely hold almost any size and shaped part

GRS Alexandre Sidorov Stone Setters Kit

• Expertly set almost any width ring
• Includes GRS MicroBlock and Alexandre Ring Fixture
• Provides horizontal and vertical clamping
• Offers limitless options and positions when setting

GRS Alexandre Sidorov Ring Fixture

• Expertly set almost any width ring
• To be used with GRS MicroBlock
• Provides horizontal and vertical clamping
• Offers limitless options and positions when setting


Air Systems

GRS Air Systems are an essential part of daily work for many engravers, stone setters, and other artisans all over the world.

Oil-free compressed air travels through the Air System, where it is harnessed and regulated to create the finest control. By setting the speed on the unit, the user is able to work at a consistent speed while applying the power they require via the foot control or hand control. Air pulses then travel into the handpiece where a spring, piston, and anvil deliver smooth strikes, transferring impact to the graver.

We now stock Bambi Air Compressors, the perfect partner for our range of GRS Air Systems

GRS GraverMach AT

• Precise pneumatic system with foot or hand control options
• Ideal for setting and engraving
• Advanced air logic system for optimal performance
• Requires oil-free compressed air to operate

GRS GraverMax G8

• Precise pneumatic system with excellent range of power
• Ideal for setting, engraving, carving and sculpting
• Excellent impact speed and control with 400 - 8,000 SPM
• Requires oil-free compressed air to operate

GRS GraverSmith

• Precise pneumatic system providing an effective, affordable tool
• Ideal for setting and engraving
• Excellent impact speed and control with 400 - 8,000 SPM
• Suitable for production and individual engravers and setters


Standard handpieces can be operated using all GRS
compressed air systems.

GRS Quick Change 901 Handpiece Kit

GRS Quick Change Maestro Original Handpiece

GRS Quick Change Magnum Palm Handpiece

GRS Quick Change 901 Handpiece



We offer an extensive range of standard gravers including C-Max, Glensteel and HSS Gravers in a variety of different shapes, which can be used for hand engraving and stone setting applications. All gravers are suitable to be used with GRS air systems and other appropriate hand pieces.

Graver Shapes



The V-point works well for general engraving and comes in various geometries: 60, 75, 90, 105 and 120 degrees.


Flat gravers are the favourite tool of many Western bright-cut artists and lettering engravers. Narrower flats are perfect for lettering, while wider ones are commonly used for large bright-cut engravings.


Once the standard graver, the onglette is mainly used for jewellery engraving and stone setting because of its narrow profile.

Tapered Round

The round is often reserved for specialty engraving, like sculpting and some style of lettering


A more delicate version of a V-point, the knife executes an extremely narrow cut. This graver is not as versatile as a V-point, but can be used for many similar applications.


The wedge has angled sides similar to a V-Point or Square graver on the cutting edge, but the top is rounded. A wedge can be used for deep, narrow V-cuts, stone setting techniques, and straight line engraving.

Tool Sharpening

Tool sharpening is one of the most important aspects of engraving and stone setting as it allows for making clean cuts in metal. The GRS GraverHone VS Tools sharpening system enables you to easily sharpen and polish your graver to any desired finish producing a stronger sharper tool edge, quicker than traditional sharpening devices. The GRS tool sharpening range also includes a number of accessories to ensure consistent sharpening results.

GRS Help & Information

3 year UK Guarantee

We offer an EXCLUSIVE 3 YEAR GUARANTEE*  - so you can buy with added peace of mind.

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GRS Engraving & Stone Setting Tools

GRS is the industry standard for stone setting and engraving tools for jewellery makers. With over forty years of experience and innovation, GRS’ collection of tools and accessories are designed to support jewellers with any stone setting and engraving projects. Cooksongold now stocks over 180 work holding and specialised GRS equipment such as the Benchmate and Gravermax. Shop from our GRS range today.

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