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Established in 1954, WG Ball are a UK based manufacturer that have been supplying enamelling products to Jewellery and Vitreous Enamel customers for over half a century.
We stock their diverse range of lead-free enamel powders including opaque, transparent, wet process and painting colours.

NEW Colours Added

Our range of Enamel

We stock a comprehensive range of enamel powders including lead-free transparent, opaque, wet process and painting in a variety of different colours.

Metal Stamping


Offers great colour density & brilliance with an opaque finish



Resistant to pickling acid, and suitable to use on copper, silver and gold surfaces.

Wet Process

Wet Process

Can be applied either by spraying, dipping or painting.

Painting Colours

Painting Colours

Perfect for finer, detailed hand painting.

Enamel Trade Packs Available

Our WG Ball enamels are now available in larger trade pack sizes of 250g and 500g.

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WG Ball Enamel Kits

Not sure where to start? Our range of kits is the perfect way to introduce you to the fascinating and rewarding craft of enamelling.

WG Ball Enamelling Starter Kit

WG Ball Enamelling Starter Kit

A Great Introduction to Enamelling

WG Ball Enamelling Super Starter Kit

WG Ball Enamelling Super Starter Kit

Contains a range of tools and materials

WG Ball Enamelling Torch Firing Kit

WG Ball Enamelling Torch Firing Kit

A Perfect Kit for Beginners

WG Ball Enamel Decorative Media Kit

WG Ball Enamel Decorative Media Kit

A selection of great decorative elements


Learn More about Enamelling

Basic Guide on How to Enamel

Basic Guide on How to Enamel

We’ll talk you through the ins and outs of the process to get you started

WG Ball Enamelling Super Starter Kit

What are the different types of enamels?

Explore a number of different enamel powders

WG Ball Enamelling Torch Firing Kit

Enamelled Necklace Pendant

Try this beginner level project to create a beautiful necklace


Help with Enamelling



You can find out more about Enamelling in the Learn section of our blog.


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Explore our Enamelling projects, with something for all skills levels


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WG Ball Enamel

Cooksongold stock an extensive range of professional enamelling supplies from WG Ball Enamels. Enamelling in jewellery is an incredibly creative way to add colour and effects to pieces which is why our growing range of professional enamelling tools, lead free enamel powders and enamelling kits have everything the jewellery maker needs.

Create unique effects with our lead free transparent, opaque, wet process and painting enamels available in a wide range of colours. Develop your jewellery enamelling skills with kits that include a range of colours as well as metal blanks, and all of the tools you require to get started. Safe to use and easy to work with, it is clear to see why the WG Ball Enamels range is a popular choice amongst professional jewellery makers.

Shop the range and introduce vibrant colour to your jewellery designs today.

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