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Project X Silver Clay Project X Silver Clay

Project X Silver Clay

The future of metal clay

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Why Project X Silver Clay?

Project X offers a superior metal clay experience that is easy to use and produces excellent results.

  • Easy to use
  • Extended working time
  • Amazing polish and shine
  • Smooth surfaces
  • Flexibility post firing
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How to use Project X Silver Clay

Project X clay differs from other brands of silver clay, in comparison it may look dry when you first come to use it. Here's some hints and tips to activate it and get the best out of your clay.

  • Knead to activate the binder's elasticity.
  • Avoid adding water to begin with, if you add water to clay that doesn't need it, it can cause stickiness
  • Use metal clay balm on your fingers, roller and textures or moulds to prevent the clay from sticking
  • Flip your texture or mould upside down to remove your clay with ease
  • Dry your clay on low heat for one minute on each side
  • The matte finish of the clay prevents distortion and cracking

What is Silver Clay?

Silver clay is made up of fine silver particles, or powder, combined with an organic binder and has a similar look and feel to standard porcelain clay. However, when you do open a packet of your chosen silver clay, you will immediately notice the weight difference. This is due to the amount of silver inside of it, making it heavier.

The clay can be moulded, rolled, textured, filed and sculpted, making it a very versatile product to make silver jewellery out of. This easy-to-do and rewarding technique enables you to create a wide variety of unique silver jewellery pieces.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, silver clay is real silver. When it has be fired the piece of clay is solid silver. 999 silver clay can be hallmarked as ‘fine silver’. Silver clay comes in different varieties and forms such as paste in syringes and as a lump, all of which are real silver.

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Project X Silver Clay

Discover a new, innovative range of silver clay from Project X clay. Made from .999 fine silver, Project X is a unique silver clay type. Starting off as a hard and dry clay, kneading activates the binder’s elasticity and the clay instantly becomes the easy to use and mouldable clay that jewellery makers favour.

As with all precious metal clays, project x clay works in a similar fashion to modelling clay and can easily be shaped and moulded making it a great choice for intricate and detailed designs. Once fired, either in a kiln or with a hand torch, project x leaves behind for you, a 99.9% fine silver piece.

A great way choice for both beginners and even professional jewellery makers, Project X silver clay is a fun and creative way to make jewellery. Shop the range of clay packets, syringes and clay paste. Don’t forget to also take a look at our range of jewellery tools to find a hand torch or invest in one of our silver clay kilns!

Start your jewellery making project with Project X today.

Metal prices
Thu 23 May 2024

Silver (AG)
771.617 KG

Gold (AU)
59.579 GM

Palladium (PD)
24.943 GM

Platinum (PT)
26.205 GM

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