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Heimerle + Meule Electroplating

Discover electroplating systems, equipment, accessories and plating solutions - for both bath and pen plating processes.

We stock a wide selection of Heimerle + Meule plating solutions including gold plating, rhodium plating and silver plating solutions.

Our range includes equipment and solutions for the complete electroplating process, ranging from cleaning and surface preparation right through to electroplating solutions, oxidisation and anti-tarnish treatments.


Please note that we can only deliver Heirmerle and Meule Chemicals currently to mainland UK.

Heimerle and Meule Electroplating
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General Cleaning + Surface Preparation

The first step for effective metal preparation is to ensure dirt and grease is removed leaving no contaminates.

To do this you can either use a pickling solution or an ultrasonic cleaner to clean the metal. You can also use a manual abrasive technique called wet brushing which cleans the metal using soapy water.

The next step is to prepare the surface by electrolytic degreasing which removes any remaining residue and improves the bonding or neutralises any residues of a degreasing agent with an acid dip.

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We stock a range of electroplating machines for both bath and pen plating such as the Heimerle + Meule Junior 500 Multiplate Unit and Pen Plating Unit Junior 120 as well as our range of accessories like anodes and plating pens to complete your plating set up.

We also have an extensive selection of Heimerle + Meule precious metal bath solutions, including silver, gold, platinum and rhodium.

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Electroplating Units

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Plating Solutions

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Electroplating Accessories


The final stage of the plating process. This includes drying, oxidising/blackening and the use of anti-tarnish solutions.

Before oxidising or blackening, it is essential to clean and dry your piece without staining to get the best results. Blackening can be achieved by applying using a bath or with a brush. This part of the process is only suitable for Silver and Copper.

The last step is to apply an anti-tarnish solution. This is an extremely thin layer of protective film that is applied to the surface of the metal to protect it from contaminants.

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Heimerle + Meule Electroplating Chemicals

Heimerle + Meule are one of Europe’s leading precious metal manufacturers, and are the experts in essential chemical products for electroplating. Part of the professional range of the electroplating products includes gold plating solutions ideal for decorative finishes, allowing you to achieve the appearance of rose gold and yellow gold. Heimerle + Meule also provide silver and rhodium plating solutions that are ideal for both decorative and technical purposes.

As the leading specialists in electroplating, Heimerle + Meule provide essential accessories including laquer used for masking areas before electroplating, additional tools including plastic beakers, titanium and silver anodes and more.

Alongside their expert range of solutions, Heimerle + Meule also provide electroplating machines including the Junior 120 pen plating unit designed for plating complex and detailed designs and shapes. The Juniour 500 multiplate unit is ideal for both electroplating and pen plating and is an easy to handle, fast and efficient machine.

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Metal prices
Tue 28 Mar 2023

Silver (AG)
601.862 KG

Gold (AU)
51.287 GM

Palladium (PD)
36.982 GM

Platinum (PT)
25.23 GM

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