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Discover COLORIT ®

Discover COLORIT ®, the liquid ceramic compound application which allows you to apply high quality colour on your jewellery pieces.

Our COLORIT ® range comes in a variety of different colours and is ready to use on any precious metal or non precious metal materials. Once the colour has been applied to your piece, it is cured using blue UV light. After curing the colours remain colourfast and can be polished and cleaned to achieve that high quality finish. Another benefit of COLORIT ® its more durable and stronger than enamels and is highly resistant to scratching, shock and impact.

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Our range of COLORIT ®


Starter Set

Ideal kit for those new to resin filling.



Available in a variety of colours.



Tools to help you get the best results.



For effective and efficient UV curing.

What are the benefits of COLORIT ®?

• High quality, durable resin for precious or non-precious metal
• Colours can be mixed for unique shades and effects
• Must be cured by blue UV light.
• Can be polished, cleaned ultrasonically and electroplated
• 100% skin-friendly, biocompatible and hypoallergenic
• Extremely durable and highly resistant to scratching, shock and impact


COLORIT ® resins is a liquid ceramic compound material which is a mixture of high quality light-active polymer acrylate, ceramic filling materials and organic colour pigments, that can be hardened permanently under blue UV light and polished afterwards.

The design possibilities are virtually limitless with COLORIT ®. The colour-fast tones are available in a range of hues and can also be freely mixed together to create unique shades and effects. 


Perfect results in four steps

Step 1. Clean your jewellery piece and apply Premium Bond Protective Layer and let it air dry.
Step 2. Add a layer of Bond Activator Glue and cure under a blue UV light.
Step 3. Apply our COLORIT ® colour evenly (approx. 0.2 mm layer) and cure each layer. Repeat the process until the desired thickness has been reached.
Step 4. For a lustrous finish, apply Hi Clear Transparent.

Your piece can then be polished, cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner, degreased electrolytically and electroplated to your desired finish.


Help with COLORIT ®



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COLORIT ® Instructions

Detailed instructions on how to use COLORIT ®


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With COLORIT ®, creating high quality and distinctively unique jewellery couldn’t be easier. All of the resin colours from COLORIT ® are suitable for use with precious and non-precious metals. The colourfast tones are formed of a composite material and can be freely mixed, giving you the opportunity to create a unique design, every time.

Easy to use, all of the resin colours from COLORIT ® are 100% skin friendly, biocompatiable and hypoallergenic. Designed to harden permanently under blue light, COLORIT ® resins are scratch, shock and wear proof. Getting creative has never been easier! Take your jewellery making to new heights with the range of COLORIT ® resins, here at Cooksongold.

Discover the full range of colours as well as the essential tools and accessories for your latest jewellery making project today.

Metal prices
Thu 28 Sep 2023

Silver (AG)
594.145 KG

Gold (AU)
49.382 GM

Palladium (PD)
32.836 GM

Platinum (PT)
23.764 GM

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