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100% Recycled Sterling Silver

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Whether you need sheet, wire, solder, tube or grain in 100% recycled Sterling Silver, Fine Silver or Argentium Silver you’ll find high-quality silver bullion online at Cooksongold.

Looking for silver precious metal for jewellery making? As the leading bullion dealer in the UK, we have a wide range of silver bullion online just for you.

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Our range includes Argentium Silver, Fine Silver and 100% recycled Sterling Silver.

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Learn more about Silver

Want to learn more about silver? What is silver bullion exactly? Discover our Silver Guide, or read one of our blog articles on the precious metal.


Silver Guide

Our ‘Beginners Guide to Working with Silver’ covers all the essentials you need to know when making jewellery with silver, covering topics from sawing, filing and polishing to tips on buying this popular metal and more.

Read our Silver Guide

Help with Silver

Find out more about our silver offerings or buy silver bullion online at Cooksongold. Need some extra help? Get in touch with our experts today.


Silver FAQs

So what is silver bullion? Get answers to this - and more of our popular questions on silver - and learn more about this precious metal.

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Browse our entire range of silver bullion, including sheet, wire and tube – all cut to your requirements.

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Buy Silver Bullion Online at Cooksongold

With competitive silver bullion prices, our vast selection is suitable for a range of jewellery making projects. Cut to suit your exact requirements, you can buy silver bullion in every size. Whether you’re designing intricate, detailed earrings, or you’re creating bespoke, bold necklaces, discover our range of bullion online. Choose from 100% recycled Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, and Argentium Silver to find the right material for the job.

*Not all products in this range are recycled, to see the full range go to recycled metals.

Silver Bullion for every Jewellery Project

Opt for silver casting grain for creating finely detailed patterns, or choose silver tube for intricate beading work. Whatever your jewellery making needs, we have a vast selection of silver bullion to help elevate and bring your designs to life.

Trying your hand at some metal stamping? Diving into the world of wire wrapping? Buy silver bullion online at Cooksongold to stock up on your supplies – simply buy in bulk to keep you going.

Great range of Silver Solders

We also stock silver solder strips in easy, medium and hard grades, as well as silver solder paste, rods and powder – meaning you can find the perfect match for your next design. With our extensive range of silver bullion, you can create seamless, high-quality designs that will last a lifetime.

Looking for more? Discover our complete range of bullion, including gold, copper and platinum options – ideal for all of your jewellery making needs.

Metal prices
Thu 20 Jun 2024

Silver (AG)
766.152 KG

Gold (AU)
59.615 GM

Palladium (PD)
23.023 GM

Platinum (PT)
24.696 GM

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