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Jeweller’s Saws

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Please note all prices listed are based on cash prices and are exclusive of VAT. Prices for precious metal products are an estimate only and can vary slightly depending upon the metal price, the actual weight and the cutting tolerances which we are able to achieve. Bullion prices are based on 10gm.

Jeweller's Saw Frames

Cooksongold’s adjustable jeweller’s saw frames offer you the ability to successfully saw through metal, leaving a clean, smooth and professional finish. The jeweller’s saws are made for a wide variety of metals, meaning they’re perfect for use as a silversmith saw or on other precious metal bullion. Our wide selection of jeweller’s saw frames vary in size from 3” to 6” to give you more flexibility and movement capabilities with your jewellery making designs.


Why not try our Knew Concept jeweller’s saw frames? These jeweller’s saw frames are easy to use and excellently constructed to suit the user and various precious metals. Our lightweight jeweller’s saw frames provide you with better control and the ease to move and create intricate shapes in your jewellery designs. Perfect for working with metal, wax and stone, this is an all-purpose jewellery making tool that will make cutting and shaping materials much easier.

Jeweller’s Piercing Saw

Are you looking for new saws for jewellery making? Whether you need a jewellers’ piercing saw to take your jewellery making to the next level, or you’ve identified a jeweller’s saw as a way to improve your current projects, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the range at Cooksongold.


Sawing is an essential part of jewellery making and accurately cutting metal. Alternatively, you could use metal cutters or sheers, but a jeweller’s piercing saw offers jewellery makers the ability to create intricate shapes with the metal they’re using. There are endless possibilities with a jeweller’s saw.


Our collection of jeweller’s’ saw blades and frames are a part of our of complete jewellery tools range. Need more information on Cooksongold’s jeweller’s saw blades? For help and assistance with our range of jewellery piercing saws, contact our team today. We will be happy to answer any questions about our metal jeweller’s saw blades and more.

Metal prices
Thu 28 Sep 2023

Silver (AG)
594.145 KG

Gold (AU)
49.382 GM

Palladium (PD)
32.836 GM

Platinum (PT)
23.764 GM

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