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Polishing Motor Accessories

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Please note all prices listed are based on cash prices and are exclusive of VAT. Prices for precious metal products are an estimate only and can vary slightly depending upon the metal price, the actual weight and the cutting tolerances which we are able to achieve. Bullion prices are based on 10gm.

Polishing Mops

Here at Cooksongold we stock polishing mops for use in conjunction with our range of polishing motors. From Calico mops, to wool mops to scotch brite wheels and more, we have mops suitable for all stages of the polishing process. All of our polishing mops are suitable for use on a range of metals.


Calico Mops


Calico mops are a popular choice for the polishing and finishing of metals and plastics. Formed of multiple layers of cotton stitched together, calico mops are used for general polishing and buffing and can be used with a rouge for final polishing. Calico mops are available in hard, medium and soft forms.


Scotch Brite Wheels


Scotch brite wheels are a popular choice for finishing, polishing, buffing and cleaning of metals and plastics. Made from layers of abrasive material, scotch brite wheels are available in fine, medium and Coarse options. Very fine and fine abrasive wheels produce a soft matt finish, medium abrasive wheels produce a brushed matt finish and coarse wheels will leave a coarse, satin finish.


Shop the full range of polishing mops online at Cooksongold and find the right option for all of your cleaning and polishing requirements.

Metal prices
Thu 18 Apr 2024

Silver (AG)
733.679 KG

Gold (AU)
61.514 GM

Palladium (PD)
27.005 GM

Platinum (PT)
24.297 GM

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