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Our stunning turquoise gemstones can range in colour, from the most popular ‘sky blues’ to blue green shades. The blue colours are down to the presence of copper, while the softer greens colours result from the presence of iron. Measuring only 5-6 on the Moh’s scale, the porous nature of the gemstone means extra care is required when handling and setting in jewellery pieces.

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Creating Turquoise Jewellery

The highly regarded turquoise has a history with some of the most ancient cultures, and is seen as of great importance to both ancient Persians and the Native American civilisation. Turquoise was often set in amulets and pendants and worn for protection, and was also seen as a symbol of wealth. The name turquoise is derived from the French ‘Pierre Turquoise’ meaning stone of Turkey – a misnomer that came about as turquoise was first introduced to Europe via the old Turkish Trade route for eastern goods into Europe. Recognised as the national gemstone of Tibet and its application in ritual and medicinal practices, and also known to ward off evil, keeping you healthy.


Wax or plastic is used to stabilise turquoise to improve both the durability and appearance, of turquoise stones – this is why turquoise cabochons appear to have a waxy lustre. Without this protection the porous nature of the stone means it would absorb everyday liquids such as chemicals, oils, cosmetics and other liquid based products, marring the appearance of the otherwise stunning turquoise.


For any advice or information on our turquoise range or any of our other gemstones, contact our expert team members today on 0345 100 1122.

Metal prices
Thu 29 Jul 2021

Silver (AG)
586.108 KG

Gold (AU)
42.087 GM

Palladium (PD)
61.399 GM

Platinum (PT)
24.744 GM

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