10 steps to start making jewellery

We know that starting your jewellery making journey can be overwhelming which is why, as a part of our how to make jewellery hub we want to share some of our best advice and tips on what we think you need to know when learning to make jewellery. 1. Choose the type of jewellery you want to […]

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  • Fathers Day Gift Inspiration

    Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Traditionally it is a day to honour Fathers as well as Father figures such as Granddads and Father-in-Laws, and originated in the USA in the 1900s. It was subsequently adopted in the UK and has been celebrated since with ever increasing momentum! Anchor Cufflinks (X2A […]

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  • Review: Enamelling by Ruth Ball

    by Jo Varney Enamelling by Ruth Ball (999 A53) I have been a big fan of enamelled jewellery for many years now, and after reading Ruth Ball’s fantastic book on the subject, I can honestly say that I am now an even bigger fan! Published by Bloomsbury as part of The Jewellery Handbook series, ‘Enamelling’ […]

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  • Inspiration

    A Brief History of Jewellery Hallmarking

    Want to learn more about the origins of gold and silver hallmarks? Discover more about the history of hallmarking including, how it all started, why it’s considered important, and how to hallmark your own jewellery with our step by step guide. Check out our guide on how to hallmark jewellery.  Where do jewellery hallmarks come […]

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  • Gemstone Focus: Tourmaline

    Green Tourmaline (61TR JJMV) ‘Tourmaline’ is a general family name for gemstones which have a complex borosilicate crystal structure. It comes in a huge variety of different colours, each of which is named individually. Some of the more distinctive varieties, like the Watermelon Tourmaline, are easily recognised and quite readily available, but there are other […]

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  • What is Tanzanite?

    Want to learn more about Tanzanite gemstone? You might have a lot of questions like, “what is Tanzanite?” or “what does Tanzanite look like?” Either way, our detailed guide includes where it comes from, the stone’s history, and how it’s formed. Find out all the answers to your Tanzanite related questions below. What is Tanzanite Stone?  […]

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  • Trends to Watch in 2016

    I’m sure many of you are already aware that this year, two colours are being widely accepted as representing the ‘colours of 2016’. It is the balance created by both colours combined that is the focus of the tone and mood for the year, rather than one simply held in isolation. Fortunately for the jewellery […]

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  • Products of the Sea

    Aside from pearls, (which I have covered in previous articles), the rich minerals and deposits found in our oceans produce a range of unique materials perfect for use in jewellery making: Coral: Coral is basically the skeletal remains of a marine organism known as coral polyps. It grows into vast tree-like structures forming branches of […]

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  • Opal Gemstones

    Thinking about using opal in your next jewellery creation? Read on to learn what opal is, how to care for opal gemstones and more, with Cooksongold. What is opal? Opal is a non-crystalline substance quite unlike other gemstones. It is composed of hardened silica gel which occurs naturally, as well as being a widely used […]

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  • Summer Trends 2015

    One of the most interesting Summer Trends this year has to be the Ear Climber. It has been lovely to see designers focusing their innovative skills on earrings which have been much neglected in recent years. There seems to be no hard and fast rules with these quirky little jewels; some just have a post […]

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  • Gemstone Focus: What is Alexandrite Gemstone?

    Want to use Alexandrite gemstones in your jewellery making projects? Interested in exploring more about its history, its appearance and more? Read on to get your questions answered. Alexandrite – ‘Emerald by Day and Ruby by Night’ What is Alexandrite stone? What is Alexandrite made of? It’s a member of the Chrysoberyl family which occurs […]

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  • Celtic Jewellery: The Historic Meaning

    The exact origins of Celtic design are somewhat impossible to determine, and are subject to wide and varied speculation. There are, however, certain facts that can be used to contextualise the characteristics and give them some bearing on what we understand to be ‘Celtic’ in style today. The History of Celtic Jewellery Design It is […]

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  • History Of Egyptian Jewellery

    Gold and jewellery making played an important part in Egyptian culture, with the Egyptian era essentially dominated by gold. The enduring image of the Tutankhamun’s Death mask quantifies that superbly (shown here). The impact of such a bold use of metal makes the mask memorable, and solidifies the wide association with gold and metals, which […]

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