September 22nd 2016 marked the Autumn Equinox this year and officially signified the start of Autumn. It also happened to coincide with the end of London Fashion Week, where the fanciful and outlandish whims of our best designers are given free rein to influence and guide retailers and consumers alike over the forthcoming colder months. So with the season’s change upon us, and the shops crammed full of new merchandise, it is time once again to take a look at what’s hot in the world of jewellery.

You may wonder (as did I) what the Sports Luxe trend has to do with jewellery? Well, according to Demna Gvasalia who is the designer behind Vetements and Balenciaga and holds a great deal of influence in the world of fashion, “hoodies and anoraks are best worn with glossy leather skinnies, full skirts and ornate earrings”. Obviously this is not a look to be attempted by everyone, or in fact anyone I know to be honest – however his mention of earrings is not to be ignored, as they are the key item of Autumn/Winter 2016.


Vetements, Chloe and Balenciaga Fashion Shows (image source: Marie Claire)

Designers across all fashion genres have chosen this year to accessorise their creations with oversized, almost statement like earrings, moving the emphasis well away from neck pieces. Again there is a strong focus on single and asymmetric styles showcasing bold stones in a variety of colours, with purple, black, red and white cropping up time and time again. Large scale metallic discs and rings also featured heavily ensuring that the focus is firmly above the neck!

Themes seem to be varied but there is a distinct leaning towards the punk influence yet again, with the re-emergence of the safety-pin, seen at both Christopher Kane and Balenciaga tying in nicely with the profusion of leather clothing, which dominated collections time and again. Conversely there was also much evidence of gentler, more heritage pieces in the form of pearls, rough cut stones and talismans all thrown together into a hotchpotch of lavish, baroque inspired earrings. These pieces were set against a backdrop of brocade, velvet and ruffles and complemented them beautifully.

If earrings really aren’t for you, then don’t despair – cuffs, oversized chokers and layered necklaces were also in evidence at some of the top end shows.


Chokers by Alexander Wang and Puma (image source: Vogue Paris)

You can clearly see the punk influence in the images above which feature the infamous dog collar in black leather and chromes. Many designers opted to use rough cut stones and crystals (or ‘raw’ stones as some magazines are calling them) in their accessories, with even the sedate Calvin Klein succumbing. However, rough cut stone jewellery is not a new phenomenon and is actually very inexpensive and easy to find. A quick look at reveals a wealth of examples available for just a few pounds which make this a very accessible trend to tap into.

So, keep your eyes peeled this Autumn and see how many of these fashion pieces you can spot in the high street stores in the next few months! Why not try incorporating some of these up and coming trends into your own jewellery designs too?

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