• Clay

    Textured Silver Clay Earrings and Pendant

    Step 1 Unwrap the silver clay and place on a smooth wipeable surface. You could cover the surface in balm to ensure the silver clay can be removed or lifted easily. This project uses 50g of silver clay and will produce many pieces of jewellery. Step 2 Place the acrylic strips either side of the […]

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  • Polishing

    How To Create Texture Using Polishing Tools

    There are many ways to add texture to your jewellery – burrs, files and waxes are examples of techniques that add deep and pronounced texture to once plain surfaces. Here we are going to show you a few quick and easy ways to add texture using a range of polishing tools, including our favourite the […]

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  • Texturing

    Technique Focus: Texturing Metal

    A textured metal finish can be achieved in a variety of different ways and can take a number of days, or a matter of minutes, to obtain – depending on the metal texturing techniques you use. Advances in materials and product development mean that it is now possible to achieve different metal textures using a […]

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