Jewellery Finishing Techniques and Tools For Beginners

Jewellery Finishing Techniques and Tools For Beginners

In our final installment of this beginner jewellery making tools series of blogs, we walk you through the tools of the trade you’ll need to refine and finish your latest precious metal projects. There’s nothing quite like coming to the end of a long jewellery making project and reaching that rewarding stage of finishing the piece for a professional look and high shine. As a … [Read more...]

Tips and Tools For Sawing Sheet Metal

Sawing Tools

Build out your workbench step by step… In this series of blogs for beginner jewellers, we’ve been helping you piece together the tools you need to be fully equipped to become a professional. From basic workbench essentials to filing tools and polishing techniques, we hope you find this latest instalment useful – it’s all about cutting sheet metal and using a jeweller’s saw … [Read more...]

Metalsmithing For Beginners: Basic Metalworking Files & Techniques

Metal Filing

Build out your workbench step by step… Welcome back to our series of blogs exploring beginner jewellery making tools and the techniques you need to develop in order to become a pro-jewellery maker. In the last installment we looked at the 12 metal forming tools you need as a beginner. This installment is all about filing tools and techniques. Tools for cutting and filing … [Read more...]

12 Basic Metal Forming Tools That Every Beginner Jeweller Should Have

Metal Forming Tools For Beginners

Build out your workbench step by step… In the second installment of this beginners’ blog series, we help you identify the basic metal working tools you’ll need to make precious metal jewellery pieces with a professional finish. Hammers, pliers, punches and mandrels… The list of metal jewellery making tools is almost endless. As a beginner, you should invest in some … [Read more...]

Jeweller’s Workbench Essentials For Beginners


Kit out your workbench step by step… In this series of blogs, we’ll help you to build out your workbench with the supplies and tools required to get you started in your new jewellery-making workspace. Arming you with all the beginner jewellery making tools required to set up your workbench, and guiding you on how to create a comfortable spot for your upcoming … [Read more...]

Top 5: Metal Forming Tools

One of the most fundamental processes in jewellery making is metal forming, which is the manipulation of metal in its raw state to change it into a different shape using a variety of tools. In the long run, a number of different jewellery tools can be required for metal forming depending on your work, but it is possible to manage with a few basic items when starting out as a … [Read more...]

Top 5: Jewellery Soldering Tools

Soldering, the process of permanently joining two metal components together, is a popular jewellery making technique used by jewellers of all skill levels. It is achieved via the application of heat, normally with a blow torch which produces a controllable flame. Jewellery soldering can require a variety of jewellery making tools and it can be hard to select the right ones for … [Read more...]

Top Ten Jewellery Findings


Creating precious metal jewellery requires quality craftsmanship, bullion and tools – everything you choose from start to finish will determine the outcome of your latest design which is why at Cooksongold we ensure that we provide quality all of the way. From our jewellery tools to bullion and our jewellery findings and more, we aim to provide leading products in order to … [Read more...]

Metal Stamping Shortcuts Using ImpressArt

Creating unique and personalised jewellery is easy when you have the right tools which is why here at Cooksongold we work hard to ensure that we stock leading jewellery tools from some of the best jewellery making brands around! Metal stamping is a skill that has been adopted by the jewellery maker for many years – providing a way to create unique, personalised pieces. Whether … [Read more...]

A Guide to PMC

For those not familiar with PMC or Precious Metal Clay, it is a clay based craft material made from tiny metal particles, an organic binding agent and water, which can be modelled and shaped just like normal clay. Once dried and fired it becomes a solid piece of sintered metal, which can then be drilled, sawn and worked just like any other piece of metal, and then ultimately … [Read more...]