Although most jewellery stores have shut up shop, now is the perfect time to think about your brand, and your business’ image. Specifically, jewellery shop display stands. We’ll delve into the different types of stands for specific types of jewellery and stands made from a range of materials – from wood to Ice Grip. Discover what’s best for your business with our top 5 jewellery stand display ideas, below. 

1. Jewellery Earring Display Stands

Studs, hoops, drop earrings – how do you style them? Thankfully, you can find a variety of different kinds of jewellery earring display stands to make the job easier. Depending on the style of earring, you may want to use a different type of stand. For example, you can use something specifically designed for showcasing studs like this Leatherette Fancy Display Stand, in a simple white or black colour to help make your pieces stand out. Do you use a particular type of gemstone in your design? You can tailor the area around the stand with decorative items such as plants and materials in a colour to complement the gemstones. 

If your offering mainly consists of hoops or drop earrings, you’ll want to display them in a manner that showcases their shape as it would appear when being worn. One of the best jewellery earring display stands for this is an earring tree. And available in Ice Grip material, you can manipulate the earrings exactly how you please.

2. Jewellery Necklace Display Stands

Are necklaces your forte? Show them off in a way they deserve with an Ice Grip jewellery necklace display stand. As mentioned above, if you use a stand with Ice Grip, you can display necklaces exactly how you require, meaning you can showcase pendants and any details which may otherwise be missed. Take a look at our YouTube video to see how they work:

3. Wooden Jewellery Display Stands

If you use natural materials in your jewellery or your brand embodies a natural theme, consider using wooden jewellery display stands. It will help to establish brand awareness and create consistency within the business. Only work with one type of jewellery? Don’t worry, there are an array of wooden jewellery display stands available on the market. Or if you’d like to display a collection together, there are wooden stands that allow you to do so with a double bar style – ideal for necklaces and bracelets. 

Looking to take this further? Try scattering dried flowers and petals around your stands to enhance the earthy theme of your brand and designs. 

4. Acrylic Jewellery Display Stands

For a classic, timeless look, opt for acrylic jewellery display stands. High impact and easy to use, stands made from this material are available for use with the majority of jewellery designs. What’s more, you’ll also get more choice with the colour – choosing from clear, white and black stands. In addition to this, you’ll find acrylic jewellery display stands in a variety of different sizes and shapes, meaning you can showcase your designs in the most appropriate way possible. 

With regards to the look of your brand, acrylic jewellery display stands complement modern, geometric styles best. So they’re ideal for displaying with a crisp, clean, linear theme – where the main focus is the jewellery itself. 

5. Jewellery Display Boxes with Window

And finally, if you’re looking for a creative, unique way to show off your jewellery, try using jewellery display boxes with a window. These offer a quirky way to view your designs, especially if the pendant is the star of the show. This style of display is perfect for standalone, key pieces of your collection that you want to separate from the rest. And we’re done! Our top 5 jewellery stand display ideas. Whether you decide to use a particular style of stand or a combination, why not start playing around with your designs today? For more guidance on your jewellery business, consult the business advice hub on our blog.

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