How To Make Resin Jewellery

resin jewellery on a bench

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of casting resin, your next step is to figure out which type of jewellery you’d like to create when using resin. And the great thing is that you can produce any type of jewellery you can think of – resin is an incredibly versatile material that will lend itself to making decorative pendants, rings, charm bracelets and much more. To give … [Read more...]

Jewellery for the Summer Months

You could be forgiven for assuming that jewellery for the summer months in this country should come with a waterproof coating and some sort of optional windbreak attachment. But no, we Brits are a resilient lot and if the calendar tells us it is summer, we will don our summer wardrobe regardless of the elements outside. So for those of you determined to embrace ‘summer’ … [Read more...]