Create your own hair vine by using this project, especially designed for beginners and perfect for upcoming wedding season and any special occasion

Step One

Take four metres of wire of and fold into three, so you have three strands.

Step Two

Place your finger about 30mm along and fold the wire over your finger. Pinch the six strands of wire together and twist all six strands of wire together, up to your finger so that you have a loop at one end and the ends of the wire have been twisted into your main vine.

Step Three

Go to the other end of your length of wire and snip the wire with scissors so that you have three strands, this will even out stress on the wires and keep and even distribution by alternating which wire you thread your next set of beads on.

Step Four

Thread your first bead along the wire, about 10mm away from the twisted section, stop and lift the bead on its section of wire. Pinch the two sections of wire together and twist, so that you have a sticking out bead of about 8mm. (ignoring the other two full length strands of wire for this bit)

Step Five

Then hold all three strands of wire together and twist for about 10mm.

Step Six

Thread two more beads of your choice and create another sticking out bead of around 6-8mm with a second next to it as shown in the photo, then twist the three wires together again for about 10mm.

Step Seven

Thread 3 beads onto the wire stopping about 10mm before the twist and lift the first bead about 20mm from the wire, pinch and twist the wire it is on for about 10mm; then take the second bead about 10mm away from the first, pinch and twist the wire, until the twist meets the first bead; then do the same with the third bead. You should now have a trio of beads on stems which you can bring together, twisting them for about 10mm then twisting that wire with the other two on the main vine as before.

Look at the step-by-step photos for this as you will be repeating these instructions in one way or another for most of your hair vine.

Step Eight

Thread a 6mm bead onto the longest of the three wires, at about 10mm before the twist lift the single wire, pinch together under your bead and twist until it is back at the main vine with the other two wires. Twist all three wires together for about 10mm.

Step Nine

Repeat steps 5 to 7 mixing up your beads until you have about 120mm of wire left.

Step Ten

Take the final 120mm of wire and place your finger in the middle, fold the wires over your fingers and pinch all six wires together and twist, the same as in step 2 until all your ends are safely twisted into your vine. As you get more confident, try your own variations; use a different thickness wire, longer wire, different sizes, shapes and colours of beads and combination of twists, try adding more beads in different ways.

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