We know that starting your jewellery making journey can be overwhelming which is why, as a part of our how to make jewellery hub we’re giving you some helpful advice, tips, guides and more on a range of jewellery making. Here we’ve listed what we think are some essential tools that you’ll need in your metal stamping kit.

Metal stamping is a popular type of jewellery making as it lets you add patterns and textures to metal in a simple way that doesn’t take too much time.  

Here are a few must-have tools to get you started on your metal stamping journey: 

Metal Tags or Blanks

These will be the surfaces that you will stamp your design onto.  

Metal Stamping Hammer

You will need a stamping hammer to create impressions onto these stamps.   

Stamping Block

This will absorb the blows of your stamping hammer and provide support for the stamping blanks.  

Metal Stamps

Use these with your stamping hammer to create personalised designs. These stamps may be letters, numbers, icons or shapes.  

Stamping tape

To make sure your blanks or tags do not move when you are hammering them, hold them in place with stamping tape.  

Polishing cloth

This is ideal for shining your piece. Also, use it for buffing off any excess ink you have used to make your design stand out.  

Got your metal stamping kit ready? Then it’s time to make! Visit the metal stamping section of our how to make jewellery hub, for some advice, guides, tips and project inspiration!

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