We know that starting your jewellery making journey can be overwhelming which is why, as a part of our how to make jewellery hub we’re giving you some helpful advice, tips, guides and more on a range of jewellery making. Here we’ve listed what we think are some useful tips for those new to stamping metal

Set up your workspace

You should be supporting your stamping blanks on a stamping block. Plus, make sure you are stamping over the sturdiest part of the table. This will make sure that you hammer evenly over the surface. 

Use stamping tape

This will tape your blank down, which will help to hold the blanks in place.  

Get the position of your hammer correct

Rest the hammer on top of the stamp before raising it to strike your stamp with the hammer. It’s important not to move the stamp or hammer position between blows, as this will ruin your design. 

Think about how deep you want the metal stamping impressions to be

he force of the blow of the hammer against the stamp will determine how deep the indentations are

Start with sheet

Before working on stamping blanks, sheet is a great surface to work on. It gives you a bigger surface area to work on, so you can test out different techniques on one sheet without wasting multiple blanks.  

Practice makes perfect

It is always worth practicing on practice blanks before working on a final piece. Make sure you have a good few metal stamping supplies on which you can practice your technique. 


Experiment with different sizes

Before starting, you may as well stock up on a few different sizes of metal blanks. As a beginner, you won’t know yet which size you prefer to work with.  

Use a metal stamping jig

These will hold your stamp upright, so you can achieve perfect impressions every time. These are available in a range of sizes, so make sure to buy the right one for your stamps.  

Tilt and Tap method

This is a common method which is ideal when you are working with really detailed stamps. Hit the stamp hard with your hammer then, without moving it from that position, slightly tilt the stamp to the right and towards yourself, and then stamp it again. Repeat this from multiple angles.  

Don’t stamp upside down

sing your stamping blank upside down, sideways, or even using the wrong stamp, are common errors. To make it easy for you to find the right stamp, and aim it the right way up, write the stamp’s number or letter on it so that the design is face-up when you hold it correctly.  

Don’t be discouraged!

As with any new jewellery making technique, your first few pieces won’t turn out perfect. So don’t be disheartened by any mistakes.  

Make your indentations clearer

After you have struck the stamping blank, you could use a black marker or enamel ink to rub the impressions made by the hammer. This will help make your metal stamping design stand out more. After this, buff off the excess with cloth or paper towels.  

Polish your piece

As a final step, don’t forget to add an extra shine to your metal stamping piece with a polishing cloth.

Ready to start your metal stamping journey? Hopefully some of our quick tips will help you as you start your jewellery making journey. Don’t forget to visit the metal stamping area of our jewellery making hub for even more tips, guides, advice and so much more…

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