We know that starting your jewellery making journey can be overwhelming which is why, as a part of our how to make jewellery hub we’re giving you some helpful advice, tips, guides and more on a range of jewellery making. Here we’ve listed what we’ve collated a few useful terms that will help you as you start your journey…


A flat piece of metal onto which you impress a design.

Design Stamp

Strike these with a hammer, against a stamping blank, to create an impression on the metal.


One of the best brands for metal stamping supplies. Their products include stamping blocks, hammers, strike jigs and more.

Hole Punch

Punch holes into your pendants, tags and findings, to then attach a chain. 

Polishing cloth

Used to buff away any remnants of the ink if you use a marker pen to make your impressions stand out. 

Stamping Hammer

Strike a metal stamp with this tool to create clean impressions on your design stamps.  

Stamping Block

A surface to support your design stamps. 

Straight Tape

Use to line up letter, number and design punch designs.  

Brushed up on the useful metal stamping terms? These are just a few of the things you’ll need to know as you start your metal stamping journey but as a beginner these are a great few terms to start with. Don’t forget to visit the metal stamping section of the jewellery making hub for some more useful advice, tips, guides and useful projects and resources.

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