Making 3D printing easy

Welcome to our second 3D printing blog series to show you how to order your 3D printed piece in a simple step by step process. Bringing your ideas to life could not be simpler with the seamless journey we have created for you! So, lets get started. We have a revolutionary new service engineered for […]

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  • Uncategorised

    Get to Know your Findings: Focus on Earrings

    Nothing says ‘Glamour’ like a pair of drop earring.  Unlike their safer, more sensible counterpart, the stud, long drops are made to be noticed! If the fashion press are to be believed, drop earrings, specifically the ‘chandelier’ style, go in and out of fashion on a regular basis. What can be more elegant than a […]

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  • Clay

    Creative Freedom with Art Clay Silver 650

    If you’d like to make a comment about this article, or post a question please click here So what is Art Clay? Art Clay is a precious metal clay which looks and feels like ordinary sculpting or porcelain clay with fine particles of pure silver mixed with a non-toxic organic binder. The binder burns out […]

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  • Beading & Stringing

    Applications of Silver Beads in Jewellery Making

    Silver beads have been prized for centuries for their elegance and ability to compliment almost any other combination of decoration. But there is a clear difference between silver and sterling silver. Beads are commonly made from Sterling silver which is a silver alloy made up of 7.5% copper, 92.5% silver.  Pure silver is designated as […]

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