In this modern world of social media and digital marketing, there are few better sites to sell your jewellery on than Instagram. As a visual gallery for your products, brand and personality, Instagram is the perfect platform to use to sell your products. Learn how to market on Instagram to benefit your business from our helpful guide.

What Are The Benefits of Selling Products On Instagram?

Why is selling on Instagram beneficial to your business? Instagram acts as a multi-fold platform with a wide variety of features enabling you to sell jewellery. As an image based social media platform, this visual environment effectively allows customers to see your showcased jewellery products and leads directly to sales. Once you have created a login and your brand page, posting the right images on a regular basis is all it takes to keep up with this platform.

The benefit of using Instagram to sell jewellery is that it’s a widely used social networking site. With over 700 million monthly active users, you can gain followers, likes, shares and even a clearer understanding of which users your jewellery appeals to. Using Instagram to sell can help you interact with customers more easily, creating a direct way to contact them and establish relationships. Present your brand, your products and even your personality with this largely mobile-based app – get clued up with the best ways to use Instagram marketing to your advantage.

How To Sell On Instagram: Photographs

As a visual platform that posts only photos and videos, capturing your jewellery effectively is vital to attracting attention to your brand. To sell on Instagram effectively, you’ll need:

  • Quality Pictures: This is essential in the world of selling on Instagram. Due to an array of filters and colour options, there are multiple ways to ensure your pictures stand out from the crowd. However, taking professional photos is a wise move for a jewellery business.
    • Make sure they are in focus with good resolution and lighting.
    • If you’re struggling with shiny surfaces, try using a lightbox – this diffuses the shine appearing on your photos. Either buy one online, or create a DIY version using cardboard, duct tape and a couple of old lamps.
    • The way you edit your photograph is very important: use cropping and editing tools to make your picture stand out, fixing colours by boosting saturation or increasing the contrast.
  • Subtle Backgrounds: Use neutral colours for your background that won’t distract from the jewellery itself.
    • If you haven’t got an appropriate background, try using plain white paper.
    • Clear your jewellery workspace and make sure everything looks pristine, as the smallest detail out of place will be noticed.
    • Alternatively, for brand recognition, you could try using your own jewellery store displays to attract attention.
    • Your specific technique will be developed over time to represent your jewellery line effectively, but it will take a process of trial and error to capture this.
    • Remember, you can always delete your posts if you find a better way to capture your photos later down the line.
  • Realistic Models: Having people wearing your jewellery can also be a great way to get attention for Instagram business.
    • Use a model that reflects the style of your jewellery and the style of your customers.
    • Have her snapped with your necklace or bracelet on, showing potential customers how to wear it – this gives buyers a more realistic view of what the jewellery would look like when worn.

Selling On Instagram: Jewellery Descriptions & Hashtags

What is equally as important as the jewellery images?  The text that accompanies it. This is the time for you to truly get across your brand identity and personality as a seller. Firstly, remember to put the link to your jewellery website in your bio – this is imperative as posts cannot contain a URL direct link from the caption, so always direct your viewers back to the bio to view your products.

As for the descriptions on your posts, create short and snappy captions that include relevant information but also keep the reader interested. Persuade your followers that your jewellery is worth buying, but also have fun with it. Give indications of materials used, how it should be worn, how it was crafted, and unique features of your jewellery. Also, be aware that the majority of people will only read the first few lines of text with the “See More” option on the caption text. These captions are one of the most important ways of speaking directly to potential customers and forming your brand’s identity on this platform.

Hashtags are also vitally important to brand image: don’t litter your caption with hashtags, but make sure you include enough relevant tags to gain some publicity on your post. Using around 5-10 hashtags per post is a good amount to gain attention without spamming. Don’t always aim for the highest trending hashtags – if you hashtag #jewellery, your post will be lost in the ether of millions of pictures associated with this hashtag. Try using hashtags that are as relevant to your line as you can, but at the same time, still collating some views by using hashtags often associated with your particular style of jewellery. You can always search in the tag section of the search area to view a specific hashtag and see how many people use it, and also what sort of images appear.

How To Market On Instagram

Marketing on Instagram effectively will give you the best results for your jewellery to be seen and ultimately be sold. It’s often a good idea for your website and Instagram to coordinate in style and colour. Keeping everything consistent will create a professional appearance.

Instagram Influencers

There are thousands of accounts on Instagram with an extremely high following related to jewellery products. If you search via hashtags, you can easily find these accounts and get in touch with highly influential Instagrammers – this is a good way of getting your jewellery promoted.

Contact them to see if they would be willing to feature your product in one of their posts. It may cost you money, but it may also result in a new set of customers. Pick your influencers wisely, and make sure their own image does not stray too far away from your brand. Ensure they post on a regular basis, and have high quality content with good engagement rate, i.e. the number of likes, comments and shares. Think of quirky and interesting ways to get their attention, and get them to believe in your product in the way that you do.

Varied Posts

Remember, not every post you make has to contain jewellery product images – you can use this as a social platform to showcase your brand personality. Create how-to videos and tutorials, showcase the items you are currently crafting and feel free to make it personal – your user base may be less likely to engage with an account that doesn’t display any personality.

Using Instagram For Business

If you’re really serious about creating a good following and boosting your engagement on Instagram, there are other ways to build up your credibility. Try Instagram Business Tools – this new addition to Instagram business is a way to connect your account to your Facebook page, allowing you to connect with and learn about your followers. There’s the option to add your phone number, location, and email so customers can locate you easily. This tool gives you the opportunity to view insights, track how well your account is performing, and also create promotions that help you grow your business.

Also, remember to interact with other accounts and follow them to create a good basis to sell on Instagram – often pages you like and follow will return the favour, especially if of similar interests. Courses are available to take if you wish to learn more information, but for now, these are the basics to get you up and running in the world of Instagram.

For more information on jewellery business tips, visit our Business Advice Hub to learn how to build a jewellery brand, how to get your jewellery into stores and more.

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