Top 5 Essential Clay Tools

Delving into the art of silver clay jewellery making? Silver Clay jewellery expert Lori Ridgway of Lori Ridgway Jewellery provides us with a list of her top 5 essential clay tools to help you get started.


Badger balm – 700 575

Badger Balm


The first tool is Badger Balm.

Badger Balm you need for wherever your clay is going to touch any items like your worksheet or your tile or your roller or anywhere like that.

You need to put a little bit of Badger Balm on just to stop the clay from sticking on there and not being able to be moved.

You also can put it on your hands which stops your clay from sticking to your hands.

Badger Balm Hardworking Hands healing balm provides relief for hands, and stops PMC & Art Clay from sticking to fingers. You can use Badger Balm to coat stamps, brass texture plates, and even your work surface. Badger Balm is a super moisturising organic salve for dry, cracked, chapped, rough and weathered hands and skin


Clay Shapers / Rubber Tipped Tools – 700 580

Clay Shaper Tools

The second one is rubber tipped, clay shaper tools.

The clay shaper tools come in four or five different ends so that you can use them for different processes as you go along with your silver clay.  They’re very good for moving the clay around without causing any dents or dinks in the clay as you go along.

You can move syringe clay with it as well if you put a little bit of water on the end of your needle tool, and you can use them to smooth out or take away any excess clay that’s left over.

This set has been especially designed for miniature scale work. Cleans in seconds and nothing sticks to the tips!


Clay scraper tool – 700 583

Clay Cutter and Scraper

Number three is my clay scraper

Which has got a number of different names; clay scraper or cutter or all sorts of different things.

This particular tool is very good for cutting clay.

It’s also good for lifting and moving clay, especially if you’ve got longer nails and you don’t want to put any nail marks into your clay, It’s also good for moving your pieces on and off the hot plate so that you don’t burn your fingers during the process.

Be aware however that if you do use your clay tool to move your piece, to carefully put your hand over the piece so that you don’t accidentally drop it on the floor and smash it!

This Cutter has a flexible safety blade with a curved edge, specifically for cutting Metal Clay.


Spacers and roller (I’ve put these together as I always use them together) – 700644, 700642 and 700643

Another one of my favourites is the roller and spacers.

Spacers are an essential part of clay jewellery making.

Plastic Clay Spacers

When creating a finished piece with your silver clay, you generally need at least two different thicknesses spacers. These plastic spacers are perfect to help ensure your clay is rolled to the correct thickness without having to use playing cards. Simply put the spacers on either side of your clay, and use a roller to roll out the clay to an even thickness.


Clear Acrylic Roller

The clear acrylic roller is used as a rolling pin, alongside our plastic spacers to roll out your PMC to the desired thickness. The diameter of the roller is 25 mm and the length is 175 mm.


Needle tool – 700 586

Needle Tool

Finally, the needle tool is a useful tool, perfect for adding those finishing touches to your PMC piece

The needle tool is very good for cutting out wet clay, so if you’re tracing round your pattern to cut your clay out. If you’re going to have an inside shape in your piece, it’s also very good for lifting the inside piece out once you’ve cut it.

Another thing the needle tool is very good for is once you’ve got your dry piece of clay, you can draw a pattern on it, put a little bit of water over the top and then scrape over the top of your pattern, and that’ll give you a nice engraved pattern in your piece of jewellery.

These are my top five essential clay tools, hopefully these help you get started in your silver clay jewellery making journey!

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