Metal stamping is the process of striking metal, using a shaped former or cutter to make an impression and a hammer to create force.  

Stamping is a great way of adding pattern and texture to metal in a short space of time, and can be achieved very simply using a hardened steel former and a heavy hammer 

Metal Stamping Step by Step

Anneal your metal by heating to a dull red and allow to cool (unless your metal has already been annealed).

  • Support the metal fully from the reverse, using a steel block or sandbag.
  • Measure and mark the position where you would like the impression to sit (ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape is useful for this step).
  • Hold your chosen stamp in place ensuring that it stands fully upright, with the whole design in complete contact with the surface of the metal.
  • Take your hammer and get your position by resting it on the top of the stamp, ready to strike.
  • When ready, raise the hammer and strike the end of your stamp cleanly and with strength. If you think you need a second blow, ensure you do not move the stamp or this will ruin your design. The force of the blow will determine the depth of the impression.
  • Designs can be enhanced by rubbing over with a black marker pen or stamping enamel ink, and then buffing off the excess from the remaining raised areas.

Tools for metal stamping

There is a huge selection of stamping tools available to buy, with the most popular being ourImpressArtrange. However, before you get started there are a few essential stamping tools you’ll need to help you begin your stamping journey. 

ImpressArt Metal Stamping Hammer 

Designed specifically to be used with ImpressArt stamping tools, this hammer has a short handle and a wide, flat face designed to provide an even and correct angle for an efficient hammer blow.  

The head is made of brass which is intended to provide a ‘soft’ blow, making it is less likely to double bounce when striking.  

Large Deluxe Steel Bench Block 

This large, deluxe bench block will accommodate a variety of jobs, providing the perfect support for metal stamping processes. We also love that it has a rubber central section that deadens the sound of repeated hammer blows. 

Sterling Silver Round Disc 20mm Stamping Blanks

Pre-cut metal blanks make life easieras it doesn’t require annealing, and has a flat and level surface which is ready to stamp. Simply stamp your design, add a jump ring through the pre-cut hole at the top and you have a dog tag/pendant complete in minutes. 

Impressart Design Stamps

This precision cut, hardened steel stamp will produce accurate impressions time after time thanks to its quality engineering. It is part of a huge range of design stamps from ImpressArt which are suitable to use on gold, silver, copper, brass, pewter and aluminium. It is also possible to use these stamps on other materials such as leather, glass, wood, wax, card, and clay. 

Impressart Simple Strike Jig

Finally, this jigis perfect for anyone new to stamping who is worried about miss-hits. It works by holding your chosen stamp in an upright position, helping you to achieve perfect impressions every time. Just ensure you buy the correct size for your stamps as they are available in 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 9.5mm. 

You don’t need many tools to get started with metal stamping so why not try out stamping for yourself and unleash the endless design possibilities!

An extensive selection of metal stamping tools, stamps and more are available from Cooksongold, so why not explore the range today and start stamping your jewellery pieces. What’s more, don’t forget to check out even more top tips with our handy metal stamping shortcuts guide!

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