Your Guide To Enamelling Jewellery

Enamelling jewellery is the technique of fusing powdered glass with metal.

Used to add colour, imagery and texture to metalwork, enamelling is used for a number of decorative pieces including bowls, glasses, vases and decanters, alongside enamelling jewellery.

Traditional enamelling effects are achieved using specialist equipment and a high powered kiln. However, with Efcolor Enamelling powder, you can achieve professional jewellery enamelling results with just your home oven.

The Jewellery Enamellers Tool Kit

(available to buy here)

For all your jewellery enamelling needs, use this Efcolor enamel kit to get started on your next jewellery making project, equipped with all the essentials.

  • Metal Blanks
  • Sieve/Sieve Top
  • Wire Supported Mesh
  • Firing Stand
  • Spatula
  • Brushes
  • Stencils
  • U Strips
  • Firing Shovel
  • Drawing Rod
  • Firing Sieve
  • Additional Jewellery Tools
  • Apron
  • Particulates Mask

Getting started with Efcolor Enamelling

All you need is a range of Efcolor Enamelling Powders, your choice of enamelling blanks and a household oven – now, you have everything you need to start creating professional enamelled jewellery.

What is Efcolor Enamelling Powder?

This is a low melting resin powder that gives the same appearance of any other professional enamel powder. However, with a low firing temperature, you do not need a kiln or any other expensive equipment – you can simply heat your enamelling powder in a home oven at 150°c or gas mark 3.

Alternatively you can also use the Efcolor stove. The Efcolor enamel stove requires only three tea lights to create your beautifully enamelled jewellery.

What do I need to enamel jewellery?

Here at Cooksongold we stock a huge selection of Efcolor Enamelling equipment.

Our Efcolor Enamel kits are a great place to begin if this is your first time creating enamelled jewellery. There are a range of Efcolor enamel kits available containing everything you need to make professional looking enamelled jewellery, such as pendants, bracelets or rings. Each Efcolour enamel kit contains:

  • Enamelling blanks in a range of materials
  • A tube of enamelling powder (colours may vary)
  • The necessary chain and/or string to complete your piece.

All of the set kits come complete with instructions.

Efcolor Enamel Kits:

The range of Efcolor enamel kits is extensive and includes:

  • Necklace and Pendant Sets: complete with one enamel colour, one jewellery blank and the required chain/string.
  • Ring Sets: complete with one enamel colour and ring blanks in either square, round or oval shape.
  • Keyring Sets: complete with one enamel colour, one key fob blank, chain and hook clasps.
  • Bracelet Sets: complete with chain bracelet, multiple charm blanks and one enamel colour.
  • Copper Blanks: Efcolor Enamels have a huge range of enamelling blanks in multiple shapes ranging from simple round pendants to hearts, to animals, numbers and symbols – perfect for jewellery enamelling.

Perhaps you wish to experiment further? Find our larger enamelling kit complete with multiple Efcolor enamel powder and a range of blanks in multiple shapes to allow you to create different pieces of jewellery.

Efcolor Enamel Colours:

For those confident enough to experiment, we stock Efcolor Enamels in a huge variety of colours from simple shades to bright neon’s and glitters. We also stock jewellery blanks in a number of precious metals, shapes and styles and we have the loose chain, string, leather and even gems and charms so you can be as creative as possible.

  1. Transparent Shades: Red, Blue, Colourless and Gold
  2. Pastel Shades: Pigeon Blue and Old Rose
  3. Neon Shades: Orange, Pink and Green
  4. Textured and Glitter Shades: Blue, Green, Turquoise, Black, Red and Silver
  5. Other Shades: Mallow, Black, White, Turquoise, Red, Light Green, Light Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver

Stay tuned for the second part of our jewellery enamelling guide, but in the meantime, why not stock up on Enameller’s Tool Kit essentials or one of our Efcolor Enamel Kits?

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