10 steps to start making jewellery

We know that starting your jewellery making journey can be overwhelming which is why, as a part of our how to make jewellery hub we want to share some of our best advice and tips on what we think you need to know when learning to make jewellery. 1. Choose the type of jewellery you want to […]

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  • What is The Black Spinel Gemstone?

    Ever spotted a black gemstone and thought ‘that would be the ideal look for my latest collection of rings’? We’ve got just the thing for your latest designs. Black gemstones have made a resurgence in popularity, and, although you may have used deeply coloured rubies and sapphires before, you might not have come across naturally […]

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  • Summer Trends 2017

    This summer, the much anticipated Season 7 of Game of Thrones returns to our screens to the delight of millions of avid fans the world over. One of the lead characters Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of Dragons has become as famous for her fabulous outfits, as she has for her ruthless pursuit of the throne of […]

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  • How To Steam Clean Jewellery Professionally

    As a professional jeweller, you may get requests from customers about the best way to clean their jewellery. Over time, all precious metal pieces will require cleaning to bring them back to their original shine – it doesn’t matter how often the piece is wiped over with a polishing cloth, or soaked in soapy water […]

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  • Designer of the Month: Anne Lise Hestness

    Born in Norway, Anne Lise Hestness has been making jewellery for over 30 years so has plenty of experience when it comes to designing and making her pieces. Discover what she has learnt from her time in the industry, where she gets her inspiration and more in the following Designer of the Month interview… Let […]

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  • A History of Jewellery

    Jewellery has always been a part of our culture, and through time, has been produced from various kinds of materials. Journey with us through different eras to see the evolution of jewellery from the early modern era right up to the 21st century, from poison rings to suffragette jewellery. Perhaps a brief history of jewellery […]

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  • Findings Favourites

    By Jo Varney It’s all about Findings at Cooksongold with the launch of our lovely new Essential Guide to Jewellery Findings as well as our new Findings and Chain catalogue for 2017, so I thought I would take the opportunity to sing the praises of some of my favourites and share with you the reasons […]

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  • Top Gifts for Mum

    By Jo Varney Woe betides anyone who forgets Mother’s Day (which if you don’t already know is March 26th this year). Upset Mum and you could be regretting it for days, weeks or maybe even months if you’ve been really bad! So, to ensure that doesn’t happen why not browse through some of our Mother’s […]

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  • Autumn Trends 2016

    September 22nd 2016 marked the Autumn Equinox this year and officially signified the start of Autumn. It also happened to coincide with the end of London Fashion Week, where the fanciful and outlandish whims of our best designers are given free rein to influence and guide retailers and consumers alike over the forthcoming colder months. […]

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  • Review: Hot and Cold Connections

    Tim McCreight is an American artist and teacher who is well known and widely respected within the jewellery and silver smithing industry. He has written over a dozen books on metal technique covering a broad range of subjects including PMC, Knife Making, Casting and also Design Theory. However, McCreight is perhaps best known for his […]

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  • Review: Handmade to Sell

    by Jo Varney Handmade to Sell is a guide to running a craft business written by the directors of an organisation called Hello Craft, which is based in the United States. Hello Craft is a non profit making trade association, for craft entrepreneurs. They hold an annual business conference, known as the ‘Summit of Awesome’ […]

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  • Designer of the Month: Annukka Puotiniemi

    Jewellery designer Annukka Puotiniemi’s artistic, bold pieces stem from her Finnish roots, and she regularly makes use of Argentium Silver and natural elements in her designs. Find out more about Annukka, Cooksongold’s Designer of the Month for July 2016, in the following interview where she spoke to us about her time in the jewellery making […]

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  • Summer Trends 2016

    I am happy to report that this year, popular colours of rose quartz and baby blue have successfully transferred into a wide range of fashion and accessories, including jewellery. Designers and retailers have fully embraced these highly accessible colours, producing items which clearly reference both. The fact that the colours sit so well together has […]

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