Metal Testing Equipment

Discover the range of metal testing equipment available here at Cooksongold. We understand the importance of having quality precious metals which is why we stock troy test acids, a range of gold and silver testing kits and everything else from horseshoe magnets to electronic testers. Great for quick and accurate results, discover all of our precious metal testing equipment today.

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Horseshoe Magnet

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Please note all prices listed are based on cash prices and are exclusive of VAT. Prices for precious metal products are an estimate only and can vary slightly depending upon the metal price, the actual weight and the cutting tolerances which we are able to achieve. Bullion prices are based on 10gm.

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Metal Testing Equipment

For professional jeweller makers the quality of materials is important which is why here at Cooksongold we stock a range of precious metal testing equipment designed to deliver quick and accurate results.

Troy Test Acid

We stock a range of troy test acids and complete troy test kits that are an accurate way to test the quality of gold and silver in all carats. The troy test fluids are available in a range of colours with white designed to test if the metal is 9ct gold, amber designed to test for the quality of silver and blue to test for 14 to 24ct and green to distinguish 18ct white gold from silver and palladium. The troy test kits include a range of these colours as well as testing magnets, charts and needle files.

Electronic Testing Equipment

For a quick and easy way to test metals to determine whether they are gold and silver why not discover our range of electronic testing equipment. Quick, safe and accurate our testers are designed to identify 6-24k gold and platinum. All of our electronic metal testing equipment is supplied with a 9v alkaline battery, file and probe.

Discover our range of metal testing equipment or for more information speak to one of our expert team members on 0345 100 1122 today.

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