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Jewellery enamelling is a great way to add colour to your creations. Browse our extensive range of enamel supplies to find the products you need to create beautiful enamelled jewellery. For beginners, we supply epoxy enamel resin (cold enamel), which doesn’t need to be fired. You can even buy an enamelling kit for a really easy introduction. If you’re more experienced in enamelling, choose from our vitreous enamel range, which features a rainbow of colours and contemporary effects. We stock Efcolor enamel, and other quality enamelling supplies from known brands. You can also find enamelling tools and books online, so you can pick up everything you need to get started.

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NEW Efcolour Enamels!

NEW Efcolor Enamel, Black

Only £1.75 exc. VAT

NEW Efcolor Enamel, Pigeon Blue

Only £1.75 exc. VAT

NEW Efcolor Enamel, Old Rose

Only £1.75 exc. VAT

NEW Efcolor Enamel, Silver

Only £1.75 exc. VAT

NEW Copper Blanks

NEW Copper Blank Circle Set

Only £8.29 exc. VAT

NEW Copper Blank Swept Heart

Only £4.54 exc. VAT

NEW Copper Blank Butterfly

Only £4.99 exc. VAT

NEW Copper Blank Rounded Square

Only £8.29 exc. VAT

Bestselling Enamelling Products!

Epoxy Enamelling Colours

From £2.40 exc. VAT

Cold Epoxy Enameling Kits

From £26.50 exc. VAT

Cold Enamelling Accessories

From £1.99 exc. VAT

Copper Blanks for Enamelling

From £1.00 exc. VAT

Bestselling Enamels!

Vitreous Enamel Colours

From £2.24 exc. VAT

Vitreous Enamel Kits

From £59.00 exc. VAT

Vitreous Lead Free Colours

From £1.41 exc. VAT

Enamelling Tools

From £1.95 exc. VAT

NEW Efcolour Enamel Kits!

Copper Blank Heart & Cord

Only £2.99 exc. VAT

Efcolor Jewellery Pendant Set

Only £6.95 exc. VAT

Efcolor Jewellery Necklace Set

Only £9.95 exc. VAT

Efcolor Enamel Set

Only £14.95 exc. VAT

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A Huge Range of Vitreous Enamel, Cold Enamel, Copper Blanks and More

Cooksongold boasts one of the biggest collections of vitreous enamel, cold enamel, tools, and copper blanks for enamelling in the UK. As well as supplying a spectrum of vitreous enamel and cold enamel colours, we sell enamel jewellery making kits, which make it easy to turn your ideas into colourful creations. Choose a cold enamel kit for the easiest introduction. Each includes a range of pre-mixed resins in a selection of matching colours. Our vitreous enamelling kits also include beautiful, complementary colours, and make for an affordable way to get started in vitreous jewellery enamelling.
What is Vitreous Enamel?

Vitreous enamel paint (known as porcelain enamel in the United States) is made of powdered glass. It needs to be fired in an enamel kiln, which melts the glass and fuses it to the surface of the jewellery. Using vitreous enamel is the more difficult of the two jewellery enamelling techniques, but can result in some very attractive finishes.
What is Cold Enamel?

Cold enamel is the common name for epoxy enamel resin. Cold enamelling is easy to apply (you only need to paint it on the surface you want to colour in), and dries to a perfect finish. It’s the perfect option for beginners.
How to Enamel Copper or Silver
Want to learn more about enamelling copper or silver? Try our knowledgebase, or treat yourself to one of our enamelling books.

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