Getting started with silver clay jewellery making? Read our useful glossary on all things silver clay to help you on your journey

  • Acrylic Roller – A compact and lightweight clay roller. Unlike standard ‘Rolling Pins’ the clay roller has a hallow core designed to keep the clay cool.
  • Art Clay Silver – A leading silver clay brand. The Art Clay Silver range includes silver clay packets in a range of sizes as well as clay paste and other essential clay tools.
  • Balm – Metal clay balm is a useful solution that can be applied to hands, tools & surfaces to prevent metal clay from sticking to hands, tools & surfaces.
  • Bronze Clay – Easy to use clay that turns to pure, solid bronze once fired.
  • Bond – Clay bond is used for joining fired metal clay pieces with other sterling silver pieces, findings and more without the use of solder.
  • Brush – stainless steel brushes that can be used to create a matt finish. 
  • Copper Clay – Easy to use clay that turns to pure copper when fired.
  • Clay Findings –  A range of sterling silver findings that can be fired safely with silver clay
  • Cutters – Different shaped cutters that can be used to create a clean, precise shape
  • Cutting Mat – A protective surface used for cutting metal clay
  • Fired – The name giving to the process in which the high temperatures turn clay into silver
  • Flexible Clay Cutter – A tool used for shaping, smoothing and trimming
  • Kiln – A machine that works similarly to a conventional oven, a kiln heats to very high temperature. Ideal for use with silver clay.
  • Mandrel – A hardwood tool used to shape clay rings
  • Needle Tool – An essential clay tool used for cutting designs into clay
  • Picklean – A safe, non-toxic pickle used for metal clay pickling and removing fire scale after soldering
  • Pickling – The process of removing oxidation from soldered jewellery pieces
  • Sanding Pads – Soft and flexible sponge pads that can be used wet or dry on metal clay
  • Sculpting – The process of moulding clay into the desired shape
  • Shapers – Tools used for smoothing out joints, texturing and manipulating clay
  • Spacers – A simple and easy to use plastic tool that helps to ensure your clay is rolled correctly and evenly
  • Spatula – A large, wooden handled spatula used for loading and unloading items in a hot kiln
  • Wood Clay Powder – A special formula, which once mixed with water turns into a moldable clay that can be fired.

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