We know that starting your jewellery making journey can be overwhelming which is why, as a part of our how to make jewellery hub we’re giving you some helpful advice, tips, guides and more on a range of jewellery making. Here we’ve listed what we think are some top tips that will help you on the way…

Ready to start making jewellery with beads? Let us help! We’ve collated a few of our top tips that we hope will help you on your jewellery making journey…

  • Pre-stretch silk thread overnight by hanging the pearls you want to string on the silk itself, as this will stretch the silk consistently along the whole thread and not just in sections
  • Never be afraid to experiment. It’s the best way to discover what materials you’re comfortable working with, and what style of beading works for you. Remember, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. As long as your finished project holds together and looks neat, it doesn’t matter how you got there. Just have fun
  • When threading the needle pinch the end of your fireline/wildfire between the tips of your flat nose pliers and this makes the flattened edge far easier/quicker to thread
  • When working with beading thread always wax your thread well before you begin using a synthetic wax. This will help protect your thread and minimise knots while you work. It will also help give a stiffness to your work which is particularly beneficial with three-dimensional or geometric work
  • Always tuck the ends of your square knots on the underside of the last two knots for a tidy finish, secure with a dab of hypo cement
  • When using cord without needle especially if. 05 and above, dip or lightly coat tip to about 1 inch, with jewellery zap glue. This will then be firm enough to push through bead holes

Ready to start making beaded jewellery? Our top tips are designed to help make your life easier. For more advice and support on your bead jewellery making journey, why not visit our beading hub or browse our range of beading products and get creating!

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