how-to-increase-etsy-salesHave your Etsy sales taken a sudden dive? Are you tired of coasting along at a “normal” purchase rate and want to supercharge your jewellery sales quickly and efficiently?

We understand how difficult it can be to get your products noticed. You may invest lots of your free time crafting handmade jewellery that you’re proud of, only for it to sit on your Etsy store unnoticed. As disheartening as that can be, we’ve got some tips and tricks if you’re hoping to increase Etsy sales.

New to using Etsy to sell jewellery? Take a look at our top 7 tips for starting a jewellery business on Etsy to explore everything from registration to pricing your pieces.

1. Increase Etsy traffic

Ever considered improving SEO on Etsy? Here are some fixes to help you get your products ranking higher in Google’s search results:

  • Stay away from fluff – remember, you need to try and identify with what your target audience will be searching, not what looks good or sounds “punny” on a label. Unique names are therefore a little tricky to incorporate, so try and include categories in your product titles. That way, you’re already targeting a specific segment of users.
  • Include keywords – conduct some research before you write your product titles and descriptions. What keywords are your competitors using? How would someone looking for a specific piece of jewellery search for that design online? Once you’ve identified the keyword your customer would use, try and use it as close to the beginning of your titles as possible. This will make your products more visible online.
  • Avoid craftsmanship jargon – not all your customers will be savvy with the jewellery making jargon you’re used to. Try and use simpler vocabulary in your titles and descriptions so that every user can understand what your product is from search engine results.
  • Subscribe to Etsy updates – there’s nothing more frustrating than an algorithm update or glitch changing your Etsy store without warning. That’s why it’s important to subscribe to Etsy updates and stay in the loop. You could even start checking forums and regularly reading the blog.

2. Construct creative messaging for listings

If your Etsy store has a brand theme, try and use consistent messaging and tone of voice. This helps customers identify with your brand and builds trust, allowing you to build a network of loyal customers.

If you’re just starting out on your Etsy journey with jewellery making, try and spend some time creating a brand theme. If you want to be identified by a logo, or colour scheme, or even certain vocabulary that features regularly in your listings, it’s important to have these details in a document.

If your company takes off and you expand your business, your document will come in handy for anyone you employ to take over managing your product listings on Etsy!

3. Add a diverse selection of products

Increase Etsy views by giving customers a reason to come back to your store. If you never add any new items and stick to the same few you first uploaded for sale, customers will lose interest.

You could even experiment with creating a larger, more expensive product that fuels ideas for numerous smaller products as part of a collection. Or, tease your customers with the promise of “coming soon” products from a collection that sells well.

Mix it up, too. If you sell a lot of necklaces, why don’t you dabble in bracelets or rings? There are so many creative ways to make your products stand out. You could even offer a personalised engraving service that lets your customers customise their purchase before they receive it.

If you’re looking to add bursts of colour to your latest collection ideas, browse our selection of gemstones today. We also stock engraving machines and tools that can help you give your product listings a customisable element.

4. Improve your photography

When customers are searching for something new, photography goes a long way when convincing them to make a purchase. Stay away from bland or blurry pictures and try to add creative context to your images. If you’re wondering how to boost Etsy sales, it may also be worth investing in your photography and buying an SLR camera. Practice makes perfect before setting your products live!

Consider the following elements when photographing your products:

  • Lighting – where is the natural light coming from? How does it interact with your product? Try and position your product so that it isn’t blasted out by the natural light but is complemented by it instead. Try taking photos with and without flash to manipulate your use of light, and experiment with different apertures to focus the light too.
  • Backdrop – what’s around your product? Don’t be tempted to photograph it on a white tablecloth. While it’s important to keep focus on the product, Etsy stores are a space where sellers can get creative with their branding, so context is key. If your brand has a theme, try and work this into your backdrop. Do certain collections have different theming that you can work with?
    Example: Got a nautical themed collection for summer? Use wooden lighthouses, seagull ornaments, anchor trinkets and other themed props to create your backdrop.
  • Number of images – if your product is intricate, try and take photos of it from different angles to really show it off, and show the customer exactly how it looks.
  • Wear the product – in your series of photos, why not include one where you actually wear the product? Think about clothing websites – the model wears the clothing and helps you visualise how certain garments would look. The same applies to jewellery. If you’re photographing a ring, make sure your hands are well presented.

For a more detailed look at product photography, read our article on how to photograph jewellery for sale.

5. Expand your online presence

Still wondering how to increase Etsy sales? Our fifth and final tip – get yourself out there!

Start by creating a blog. Brand it as you have branded your Etsy store, and make sure you regularly publish interesting posts about your craft. Worked on a particularly tricky piece this week? Blog about it. You could even recommend different products from different stores and start to build up a following of likeminded people and invested customers.

Speaking of following, you could also work out a social media strategy to help promote your store. You may even create a Twitter account or Instagram account for your store, rather than posting through your personal accounts.

Try and retweet other jewellery makers and share interesting articles you come across. Don’t forget to share your blog posts too!

Start increasing your Etsy sales today

So, there you have it – our top five tips for boosting your Etsy sales. Don’t forget you can pick up all the tools and materials you need for your next creative pieces at Cooksongold, so why not browse online today.

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