Different Types of Metal for Jewellery Making

silver sheet and gold wire

With so many varieties of metal available, we thought we would go back to basics and examine some of the different types of metal that can be used for jewellery making today. To begin with, let’s look at some of the general terms you might come across when dealing with metal: What is Precious Metal? A precious metal is a naturally occurring metallic element, which is rare … [Read more...]

Recent Jewellery and Metal Trends

rose gold beaded rings

Like all trends, metal trends come and go and often move in cycles when tracked over a significant period of time. There are many different factors which can affect what is popular at any one time, however, the bottom line remains – what products are selling best and that always makes for interesting reading. Take engagement rings for example. There was a very clear shift … [Read more...]

Do You Need To Hallmark Your Jewellery?

jewellery hallmark hammer

Are you a budding silversmith and need advice on how to hallmark your pieces correctly? This blog will give you a full breakdown of what is required and how to go about getting your pieces hallmarked before sale. With answers to some of the most common questions we get from start-up jewellery businesses, you’ll be ready to send your latest pieces to your nearest Assay Office … [Read more...]

Palladium Metal Factsheet: What Is Palladium?

When was palladium first discovered? Why are more and more jewellers choosing palladium? And where can you find palladium for your next precious metal projects? Discover the ins and outs of palladium below. What is palladium metal? Palladium is a member of the platinum family along with rhodium, ruthenium, iridium and osmium, and has the same silver-white lustre that we … [Read more...]

‘Say I do’ at Cooksongold.com

Click here to order yourself a FREE copy of our NEW 20 page 'Say I do' catalogue packed with the UK's largest selection of wedding ring blanks in 9ct and 18ct gold, platinum, silver and palladium. As well as detailing the UK's largest range of wedding ring blanks this months catalogue features whole host of useful information on sizing, shapes, hallmarking news and much more. … [Read more...]