What Are Classic Parallel Action Pliers?

Classic Parallel Action Pliers, Brass Jaw Flat Nose

Classic parallel pliers are an essential bench item, and are often part of even the most basic tool kit for jewellers. Quite different in appearance from other pliers, parallel action pliers hold their position thanks to a compound box joint system, which means they provide an extremely strong grip and won’t spring back once pressure is released. Classic Parallel Action … [Read more...]

Top Jewellery Making Pliers For Beginners & How To Use Them

As a beginner jewellery maker you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tools and supplies available to you. Where do you start? And do you really need it all? Before you find your signature jewellery making style and the materials you like to use the most, you may only want to invest in a few vital jewellery tools that will be indispensable, no matter which area of … [Read more...]

Equipment focus: Bending metals

Bending metal is one of the basic jewellery techniques which every jeweller comes across in the designing process. Mastering this technique is crucial in order to avoid damaging your piece’s surface.  Before setting to use this technique, acquaint yourself with the following tools: 1. Mallets If you are looking to bend your metal without marking it, make use of mallets – … [Read more...]