How To Make Resin Jewellery

resin jewellery on a bench

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of casting resin, your next step is to figure out which type of jewellery you’d like to create when using resin. And the great thing is that you can produce any type of jewellery you can think of – resin is an incredibly versatile material that will lend itself to making decorative pendants, rings, charm bracelets and much more. To give … [Read more...]

How To Make Personalised Silver Bangles With Metal Stamping Techniques


Have you tried your hand at metal stamping? Personalised bangles are a great way to improve on your metal stamping techniques. With just a few tools and tricks you’ll be able to produce a professional piece of personalised stamped jewellery that could be the start of a new way of producing and customising your jewellery pieces. Read our step by step guide below, stock up on … [Read more...]

Get to Know Your Findings: Cufflinks


Traditionally used with dress shirts which have no buttons at the cuffs (French cuffs), cufflinks have been used through the ages to add a decorative element to a man’s attire. Although most men won’t use them every day, nearly all will certainly own a pair of cufflinks to use on special occasions, namely weddings. Consequently, the range available is huge and enormously varied … [Read more...]