How To Make Wire Wrapped Rings


If you’re still in the process of mastering the use of your round nose pliers, this is the ideal jewellery making project for you to take on. In this tutorial you’ll learn two new skills: How to make wire rings – a simple ring made with leftover wire that will help you master the use of your pliers and get creative with your own design ideas. How to make wire rings with … [Read more...]

What is The Black Spinel Gemstone


Ever spotted a black gemstone and thought ‘that would be the ideal look for my latest collection of rings’? We’ve got just the thing for your latest designs. Black gemstones have made a resurgence in popularity, and, although you may have used deeply coloured rubies and sapphires before, you might not have come across naturally occurring black spinel gemstones. Get to know … [Read more...]

Professional Silversmith Tools Guide: Our Top Five


Our Top Five Professional Soldering Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier You may be new to soldering. You may have been soldering for years and formed your own techniques and tricks that make soldering jewellery simpler. But have you seen the latest in professional silversmith tools that could speed up your soldering process and make your jewellery production quicker? Take … [Read more...]

How To Use Polishing Compounds


Polishing precious metal jewellery pieces requires a little knowledge about different types of polishing compounds and buffing tools, and even more practice in order to get the technique just right. But, with some basic know-how and the supplies you’ll need to create a professional finish, the process will soon become second nature. Here’s what you need to know to get … [Read more...]

A History of Jewellery

Jewellery has always been a part of our culture, and through time, has been produced from various kinds of materials. Journey with us through different eras to see jewellery history evolve from the early modern era right up to the 21st century – perhaps a brief history of jewellery may inspire some creative designs for your own jewellery making projects. Early Jewellery … [Read more...]

How to Custom Package your Jewellery


How to use custom jewellery packaging to sell your pieces Bespoke jewellery packaging is the first and lasting memory that your customer will have once they receive their purchase from your online store. Unique jewellery packaging ideas can go a long way when it comes to ensuring that your customer returns when your new collection arrives. A carefully wrapped package will … [Read more...]

Top Tools for Beginners

I can remember (some time ago) being given a tool list when I first went to University, which filled me with bewilderment and a good degree of trepidation! Of course I can look back now with some amusement as experience has taught me about the type of tools which are essential to my work, but also more importantly which ones I prefer to use. The tools of your trade will become … [Read more...]

Gemstone Focus: Topaz

Topaz, in its natural form is colourless; however the shade we associate with November is the yellow/orange variety which is sometimes known as ‘sherry topaz’ or ‘precious topaz’. It is one of the most valuable colours of topaz along with the pale pink variety which is rare and usually heat-treated yellow material. Sherry Topaz Crystal Within the jewellery industry, the … [Read more...]

Autumn/Winter Trends 2015: Geometric

The ‘Geometric Trend’ is one which lends itself particularly well to jewellery. Whether it is translated via colour or shape, the raw materials of precious metals and finely cut gemstones are the perfect ingredients to create an item of geometric beauty. Stylistically, most of us tend to think of pieces from the Art Deco era when referencing geometric jewellery. The brooch … [Read more...]

Products of the Sea

Aside from pearls, (which I have covered in previous articles), the rich minerals and deposits found in our oceans produce a range of unique materials perfect for use in jewellery making: Coral: Coral is basically the skeletal remains of a marine organism known as coral polyps. It grows into vast tree-like structures forming branches of vivid red, pink, white and blue which … [Read more...]