Using a Barrelling Machine with Metal, Stones and Glass


Contrary to popular belief, barrelling machines are not just for polishing. They can in fact be used for a number of different processes, simply by changing the compound and/or shot that you put inside them as you can see below. Cutting Material Compound Finish/Effect Stainless Steel Shot (998 003) Barrelbrite soap (998 001P) and water Polishing metal to … [Read more...]

Designer of the Month: Elizabeth Anne Norris

Originally an Environmental Scientist, jewellery designer Elizabeth Anne Norris uses her previous career as an influence on her pieces and the materials she uses, making designs from 100% recycled metal such as Ecosilver when possible. Take a look at the following interview to learn more about her work and time in the industry… Let us know a bit about yourself, detailing … [Read more...]

Professional Tools Focus: Fretz

Fretz Goldsmiths Hammer

Fretz Design is an American company started in 1970, as a jewellery venture, by husband and wife team Marian and Bill Fretz. Both were originally involved in different areas of the industry, and combined their collective skills to start a small specialist company which initially focussed on the production of bespoke pieces. As time went on, their area of expertise began to … [Read more...]

How To Use a Ring Stretcher Reducer Tool

ring reducer stretcher

Are you mastering the art of using a ring sizer tool? As a jeweller, this is an area of your business that will encourage customers to come back again and again, as long as your work is accurate. So, investing in a professional ring stretcher/reducer tool will help you master the art of ring resizing and make light work of resizing requests from your customers. Here's our … [Read more...]

Your Guide To the Knew Concepts Tools Range

knew concepts ring sawing

Looking to invest in some essential, new jewellery tools for your bench? If you’re looking to replace your usual bench setup and would like to upgrade, the latest additions to the Knew Concepts tools range could be worth the investment. With clever upgrades to your workbench set up including magnetic bench clamps and sawing bench pegs for swift, precise cutting, you’ll be … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018

Leather Apron

By Jo Varney Let’s be honest, ‘Fathers’, or even men in general, can be extremely tricky to buy for. At this time of year, I have the unenviable task of finding multiple men’s gifts, as my husband’s birthday just happens to fall the week before Fathers Day, great! The key to a successful Father’s Day gift in my family at least is practicality. All the men I have to buy … [Read more...]

Top Jewellery Making Pliers For Beginners & How To Use Them

As a beginner jewellery maker you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tools and supplies available to you. Where do you start? And do you really need it all? Before you find your signature jewellery making style and the materials you like to use the most, you may only want to invest in a few vital jewellery tools that will be indispensable, no matter which area of … [Read more...]

How to Resize a Ring

Ring Stretcher Reducer Pro

Inevitably when you start making jewellery, it won’t be too long before someone asks you to resize a ring and so the following information is a basic guide to ring sizing for beginners. It is intended to be used for plain rings only. Rings containing stones are best given to an expert to deal with, unless you are experienced and proficient at ring sizing as they can be fraught … [Read more...]

Professional Tools Focus: Foredom

Foredom Pendant Motor

Foredom Electric Co. are an American manufacturing company based in Connecticut, USA, and are world renowned for their superior quality flexible shaft, rotary power tools. In fact, according to their company website they are the leading manufacturer of these types of tools worldwide. So what makes Foredom products so special? Foredom was established in 1922 and has developed … [Read more...]

Technique Focus: Engraving

Engraving with the Dremel Engraver

The term engraving can be defined in one of two ways: An engraving is a picture or design that has been cut into a surface. An engraving is a picture that has been printed from a plate on which designs have been cut. Engraving itself can be traced as far back as Roman times, and is a technique which requires a great deal of skill and patience. Traditionally, … [Read more...]