Top 5 Jewellery Making Tools For A Busy Designer

Top 5 Jewellery Making Tools For A Busy Designer

Feeling frustrated at work and looking for a way to speed up the jewellery making process? We can help with that. We understand how busy jewellery makers can get, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 jewellery making tools for the busy designer. From pliers to burrs, find all of our jewellery tool kit recommendations below. The Best Jewellery Making Tools To Save On … [Read more...]

Brand Focus: Busch Burrs for Jewellery Making

busch cup burr

Busch are a German company based in Engelskirchen, originally founded in 1905 by two brothers Erich Busch and Ernst R Busch. Busch jewellery tools Busch's original aim was to provide better quality, precision tools to the dental industry which was still in its infancy at the time. However, as production increased and their success grew, they found that their new … [Read more...]

Top Wax Carving Tools For Beginners and Professionals


The beauty of carving wax for casting is that you can start with as little or as many wax sculpting tools as you like, and still create something that is unique and completely handcrafted. Once you’ve meticulously shaped and filed a block of wax into the beginnings of a jewellery design, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your designs take shape in the casting … [Read more...]

Introducing The GreenLion Saw Frame

greenlion saw frame at the bench

The story behind the GreenLion jeweller’s saw frame is both fascinating and unusual, and a true example of entrepreneurial spirit at its best. Its designer is a man called BJ Johnson, otherwise known as Soba One, who is the owner and featured artist of GreenLion Tattoo Studios based in Michigan, USA. Having trained as a metalsmith, GreenLion Tattoo Studio also encompasses a … [Read more...]

A Guide to Jewellery Tool Kits for Beginners

University Student Tool Kit

Buying a ready-made tool kit can be a great way to equip you with the basic tools needed to start making jewellery, or even replace tools you may have had in your workshop for some time. In our range of jewellery tools, for instance, we offer many kits to choose from which all have been put together by experts who know exactly what you are going to need. You can also expect … [Read more...]

What Are Classic Parallel Action Pliers?

Classic Parallel Action Pliers, Brass Jaw Flat Nose

Classic parallel pliers are an essential bench item, and are often part of even the most basic tool kit for jewellers. Quite different in appearance from other pliers, parallel action pliers hold their position thanks to a compound box joint system, which means they provide an extremely strong grip and won’t spring back once pressure is released. Classic Parallel Action … [Read more...]

How To Use The Proxxon TBM 220 Bench Drill

proxxon bench drill and vice

Wondering how to use drill machines to drill through metal for your jewellery creations? Like many jewellers, you may have used flex shafts previously. However, if you’re looking for an advanced piece of machinery that’s even more precise, you might consider using a Proxxon bench drill. Take a look at our video, where Lydia Niziblian, jewellery maker and designer, explains … [Read more...]

How to Make an Adjustable Bangle

Michael Cartwright Goldsmith shared on our Facebook page a how to make guide for an adjustable bangle. Step 1. Roll out some Sterling Silver flat wire or Sterling silver sheet 4mm x 1.25mm 8.5" long. Top tip: I have always added 0.5" to the clients hand size Step 2. Bend the wire around and solder the ends together.   Step 3. Shape the … [Read more...]

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