How To Display Jewellery At A Craft Fair to Boost Sales


Gone are the days when simply setting up your table and placing your designs on top of them guaranteed a steady stream of sales at a craft fair. To really make a mark at an established event, it’s vital to come up with some fresh craft fair display ideas that will set you apart from the hundreds of other jewellers in attendance. Take a look at our guide on how to display your … [Read more...]

How to Display Jewellery For Sale

Do you know how to display jewellery in the right way? Do your jewellery display ideas encourage customers to take a second glance? Knowing how to display jewellery pieces is a crucial aspect of selling. Seeing jewellery displayed in a striking way can instantly appeal to passers-by peering into shop windows. Most high-street chains spend months on end planning their jewellery … [Read more...]

Selling your Jewellery with Style

Next time you’re at a craft show or jewellery exhibition, ask yourself a question: What sets one jewellery maker’s work apart from another’s and attracts attention? While we’d like to believe that our work can sell itself, the truth is that no matter how beautiful your jewellery is, potential customers are more likely to notice a well-designed display. Customers react better … [Read more...]