Looking Forward to 2019

coral bead

A new year brings with it a new colour palette, and 2019 welcomes the warm peachy tones of coral as it’s colour of the year. Recent years have brought with them the cooler tones of purple and blue – in fact, it’s not since 2012 that have we seen such a warm and vibrant shade – so interiors, fashion and jewellery are certainly due a change of direction to coincide with this new … [Read more...]

Finished Jewellery for the Summer Months

Sterling Silver Tortoise and Bee Design Jewellery

What comes to mind when you think about jewellery for summer? Casual, organic, freeform, fun, whimsical, colourful and informal are some of the things which immediately spring to mind. Summer jewellery is about capturing a feeling above anything else, and that can encompass many different elements. Colour can change a look instantly, and during the summer months, we … [Read more...]

Colour Trends in 2018

By Jo Varney As we welcome in the New Year, we also welcome a new colour of the year for 2018, which happily for me is purple, or Ultra Violet to give it its official name. I say ‘happily’ for me as purple has been a constant presence in my life since my teenage years, and I daresay I am not alone in this. Purple has always been a colour which is just that little bit edgy; a … [Read more...]

Efcolor Enamelling Guide: Part 1

Your Guide To Enamelling Jewellery Enamelling jewellery is the technique of fusing powdered glass with metal. Used to add colour, imagery and texture to metalwork, enamelling is used for a number of decorative pieces including bowls, glasses, vases and decanters, alongside enamelling jewellery. Traditional enamelling effects are achieved using specialist equipment and a … [Read more...]

Cooksongold Colour Focus: White By Jo Varney

The thought of snow at Christmas brings a sense of excitement and magic which cannot be matched at any other time of year and the anticipation is huge. Personally I love the sense of quiet and calm that ensues as the snow starts to fall. Noises become dulled and colours and details disappear as everything becomes unified by the blanket of white. Historically the first white … [Read more...]

New Inspirations

Joanne Varney gives her tips on how to kick start a new range. She holds a BA (Hons) in Jewellery and Silversmithing and is part of the Cooksongold team. The sky is dark, it’s pouring with rain and the wind is whistling down the chimney. It’s the start of a New Year and time to think about the months ahead and what you intend to achieve in them. If, like many others you are … [Read more...]