How To Make Byzantine Chain


Looking for a new jewellery making technique to diversify your designs? Learning how to make byzantine chain or a byzantine weave is an excellent way of branching out into different looks that could become the basis of a new collection. Follow our step by step guide below on making byzantine chain. Once you’ve got the basics, you can then use this technique to create not … [Read more...]

Jewellery Chain Repair: Everything You Need To Know


Repairing jewellery for your customers is often a large part of business that comes through your doors unexpectedly, and can be a good way of making some extra money alongside your jewellery designs. So it pays to know the ins and outs of jewellery chain repair. From basic repairs to soldering chain links, we’ve put together this jewellery chain repair guide so that you can … [Read more...]

Chain Guide For Beginners

gold chains

A Beginner’s Guide To Different Types of Chain If you’re planning on including chain in your jewellery designs, you may want to understand the different types and style options that you can use. Our handy guide to chain will help you understand all the options available to you, so you can choose a chain that complements your jewellery designs. To supplement this, you … [Read more...]

Review: Advanced Chain Maille

By Jo Varney You could be forgiven for thinking that chain maille is a technique which has been assigned to the past, as there is little demand today for metal based battle dress which is what we traditionally associate with it. So you may be surprised to learn that this method of linking wire actually forms the basis of a fascinating jewellery practise, which remains … [Read more...]

A Solid Gold Alternative

Applying an outer layer of gold to a less valuable metal base is nothing new. But the process of gold filling is a much more recent development and, as you'll see, it's a great alternative to overlaying or coating. When you've experienced gold filled jewellery, chances are you really will start to see gold plating as a little... should we say... 1980s... somewhat, well, passé … [Read more...]

Technique Focus: Joining Types and Tips

 Most types of jewellery require at least one movable joint, therefore it is a vital part of a piece and should be considered during the designing stages. You need to think about the type of movement you require, specific to the design. Types of Joining Links   Rivets: A rivet has the ability to hold pieces together without solder. You need to push your small piece of … [Read more...]

Union Jack FIMO Project

      You will need: FIMO Effect White Glitter FIMO Effect Red Glitter FIMO Effect Blue Glitter Blade Set  Acrylic Rollers Ruler Cocktail stick or large needle Jump Rings Clasps Chain Small Pliers Baking Tray Step 1   Knead 4 portions of blue FIMO to soften and roll 5mm deep. Cut a rectangle 3.5cm x 5cm. Roll 2 portions of white FIMO until 2mm … [Read more...]

The Cooksongold January Sale

Cooksongold's BIGGEST EVER January SALE is now live online at with OVER 500 products available and savings of up to 75% OFF! Make sure you don't miss out on these fantastic offers including up to 75% OFF jewellery books, 50% OFF selected jewellery tools, gems and jewellery and 40% OFF Cookson bestsellers featuring tools and kits as well as great savings … [Read more...]