4 Top Tips For Building Your Handmade Jewellery Website

sell jewellery online

As a small business owner, it’s now easier than ever to connect with an online audience and reach out to a whole host of potential new customers. Undoubtedly the best way to sell jewellery online is to build your own handmade jewellery website. With a clear-cut brand and a fully functioning ecommerce site where customers can buy from you at the touch of a button, your online … [Read more...]

Exhibitions and Shows in Summer 2018

Jewellery Display

Summer is a great time to get out and about if you are seeking some motivation for your next jewellery or craft project. Below are just a few highlights to look out for, which will be sure to get those creative juices well and truly flowing… The Everyday and the Extraordinary 9th June - 9th September Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, … [Read more...]

How To Create A Jewellery Marketing Plan For Your Jewellery Business


Creating a jewellery marketing plan is vital for any small jewellery business. Whether you’ve been established for 10 years, or you’re just starting out, a clear marketing strategy can help you to understand your customers and your competitors, and to plan promotional activities that will target precisely the people you want to sell to. Not only that, by learning some key … [Read more...]

Craft Fair Checklist

We are well and truly into the summer season now, and those of you who favour the one to one approach to selling your work may well have a couple of craft fairs on the calendar. Preparing for a craft fair can be quite a stressful time as you try to envisage every possible scenario that might present itself, as well as actually making enough stock to sell. It makes sense to be … [Read more...]

Exhibitions and Shows to Look Out for in 2017

Exhibitions and shows are a fantastic way to draw inspiration for your own work, whilst enjoying and maybe even buying other people’s designs. We are very lucky in this country to have access to a diverse range of museums and galleries, who offer a constantly changing array of objects and images to stimulate the imagination. The UK also plays host to a vibrant circuit of … [Read more...]

How To Display Jewellery At A Craft Fair to Boost Sales


Gone are the days when simply setting up your table and placing your designs on top of them guaranteed a steady stream of sales at a craft fair. To really make a mark at an established event, it’s vital to come up with some fresh craft fair display ideas that will set you apart from the hundreds of other jewellers in attendance. Take a look at our guide on how to display your … [Read more...]

How To Photograph Jewellery For Sale


Photographing jewellery is a large part of any jewellery business’s marketing tool, helping designers to showcase their latest pieces accurately and in detail. However, for those who are primarily jewellers – not photographers – this can be a difficult part of your business to master. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to photograph jewellery for sale – to help you … [Read more...]

Review: Setting Up a Successful Jewellery Business

By Jo Varney I think you can normally tell within the first few pages of a book, if it’s going to be any good or not. I could tell within the first few sentences of this book that it was going to be an absolute belter! I found myself turning pages as though it were the latest fiction by JK Rowling – strange for what is essentially a no nonsense business guide for all budding … [Read more...]