A Guide to Jewellery Tool Kits for Beginners

University Student Tool Kit

Buying a ready-made tool kit can be a great way to equip you with the basic tools needed to start making jewellery, or even replace tools you may have had in your workshop for some time. In our range of jewellery tools, for instance, we offer many kits to choose from which all have been put together by experts who know exactly what you are going to need. You can also expect … [Read more...]

What Are Classic Parallel Action Pliers?

Classic Parallel Action Pliers, Brass Jaw Flat Nose

Classic parallel pliers are an essential bench item, and are often part of even the most basic tool kit for jewellers. Quite different in appearance from other pliers, parallel action pliers hold their position thanks to a compound box joint system, which means they provide an extremely strong grip and won’t spring back once pressure is released. Classic Parallel Action … [Read more...]

What To Buy The Jewellery Maker In Your Life

Beginners-Jewellery-Tool Kit

Inspirational Gifts For Jewellery Makers Are you searching for the perfect gift for the jewellery maker in your life this holiday season? Perhaps your partner has been wishing for a luxury beading tool? Or you’re buying for a budding silversmith, looking to learn a new skill? Agonising over which gifts to buy can be stressful. That’s why we’ve put together our top gift ideas … [Read more...]