These colourful homemade leather effect tassels made from FIMO leather-effect are a great gift idea.

The material stays flexible after hardening, so you can conjure up some fantastic tassels. As key tags or bag pendants in fresh summer colours they just put you in a good mood, somehow

Materials Overview

Additional items needed for project:
Pink cotton cord
Spring hook key ring
Oven thermometer
Smooth working surface (glass or ceramic)

Step One

Roll out one block of FIMO leather-effect in watermelon and berry into an even sheet about 1–2mm thick using the acrylic roller or the clay machine on setting 6.


The leather-effect stands out even better if you move the FIMO sheet gently by hand after rolling it out, pulling it apart a bit.

Step Two

Place the FIMO leather-effect sheets on baking paper and use a blade to cut out a rectangle of each sheet with the dimensions 6.5 cm x 12 cm as accurately as you can.

Step Three

Roll 1 portion of FIMO leather-effect saffron yellow into a ball.

Step Four

Roll 1 portion of FIMO leather-effect olive into a thicker cord and cut off a piece about 1.5cm long.

Step Five

Skewer the yellow ball and the longer green connector on a bead piercing needle and balance over a cup so that the beads are hanging in the air.

This will prevent pressure marks developing as they harden in the oven. Now harden the FIMO leather-effect beads and the sheets on the baking paper for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 130° C / 266° F on both upper and lower heat. Leave to cool.

Step Six

To make the tassel, turn the hardened sheets over. Mark a line with a pencil about 1 cm from the edge.

Step Seven

Cut thin strips (approx. 2mm wide) up to the pencil line using scissors. Do the same with the sheet in the colour berry.

Step Eight

Coat the upper edge of the FIMO leather-effect sheet with superglue and roll up as tightly as possible. Make sure that the clean side is facing down, i.e. outwards. Hold the tassel until the glue is dry and has set.

Step Nine

Thread the spring hook key ring onto a piece of cord about 40 cm long and push it into the middle. Double the cord and thread first the connecting piece and then the ball onto the doubled cord.

Tie a knot after each bead to fix it in place. Then thread each of the two tassels onto a single string of the cord. Tie a triple knot and cut off the ends of the cord. Push the knots inwards so that they can’t be seen. And you’re done!

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