Professional Silversmith Tools Guide: Our Top Five

professional-soldering-toolsOur Top Five Professional Soldering Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

You may be new to soldering. You may have been soldering for years and formed your own techniques and tricks that make soldering jewellery simpler. But have you seen the latest in professional silversmith tools that could speed up your soldering process and make your jewellery production quicker?

Take a look at some of our top professional soldering tools and see if they will streamline your jewellery manufacturing process and improve your profitability.

1. Titanium soldering clamps

Easily shaped, these titanium strips can be bent and moulded into an exact shape to form a clamp that will help you to keep the precious metal you’re working on in place as you solder – whether it’s a bezel setting or a delicate ear wire. The beauty of using these titanium clamps? They can be used however you like – as stands and sturdy clamps – to hold metal pieces firmly in place. And even when you drop solder pallions on them, it can be removed by pickling without any worry of contaminating the metal that you’re working on.

2. Charcoal block with crucible channel

Not only is charcoal ideal for soldering on due to its heat reflective properties, it also creates a very clean soldering environment. It’s been used by jewellers for years as it also provides a reducing atmosphere – this means that it absorbs excess oxygen from around the piece helping you to reduce fire scale. This particular charcoal block takes that benefit one step further with a crucible channel that creates the perfect environment for soldering, and also has an additional benefit of functioning as a pouring channel reducing any wastage when you melt small amounts of scrap metal down for repairs or reuse.

3. Soldering trivet

The soldering trivet may be a basic bit of soldering kit, but it really does makes soldering easier. With the latest Knew Concepts soldering trivet, there’s the added bonus of it being made from titanium, which means that it has non-stick properties. So you’re free to solder without worrying about solder getting permanently stuck to the trivet. More importantly, it has slow thermal conductivity unlike traditional iron trivets – so you can concentrate on the metal you’re soldering and not the trivet that’s supporting it.

4. Orion Pulse Welder

When it comes to professional silversmith tools and jewellery soldering supplies, arguably your most important piece of equipment is the torch or iron that you solder with. Do you use a butane hand torch for that handmade look? Although soldering with a hand torch is still an excellent way of creating handmade precious metal jewellery, you may find that the Orion Pulse Welder is the ideal jewellery soldering tool for professional jewellers who are looking to get to grips with more intricate stone setting work. Its accuracy makes setting small gemstones simple. As a specially engineered pulse welder that uses leading pulse-arc technology it will help you solder and repair pieces in no time at all. There are several power settings so that you can be completely accurate about the setting you need to use, and it also comes with an adjustable height and angle so that you can work exactly how you like. Take a look at the latest range of Orion welding products – although they are an investment, they may save you precious time in the long run.

5. Double Motor Polisher

Picture this – you’ve reached the point where you’ve finished soldering. Now comes the long process of buffing and polishing, switching mops so that you don’t cross contaminate your harder polishing compounds with your jeweller’s rouge and changing each mop in turn as you use your motor polisher. But the buffing process can be sped up, with a double motor polisher. The new Durston double motor polisher is particularly handy, as it not only means that you can use two mops and two different polishing compounds with the same machine, but you can also rely on it to collect excess dust and debris for you. With a built-in fan and filters for extra safety, alongside a hood to protect your workshop from excess dust, the latest double motor polishers make the entire buffing process simple.

Thinking about investing in some of our professional silversmith tools? Take a look at our current range of silversmithing supplies and see if you can speed up your entire jewellery making production process.

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