In a jewellery making workshop, there are a lot of essentials that we are all familiar with. We often focus on key tools like rolling mills, torches and pliers, but here are some tools that we think deserve more recognition in bringing jewellery designs to life. All of the tools mentioned below are available on our website. 

Finger Protection Tape

Finger protection tape protecting a jeweller's hands

We understand that your main priority is to create stunning jewellery pieces, but it is very important not to forget that safety comes first.  

Did you know that this handy finger protection tape offers more protection than when wearing gloves? If you’re grinding, filing, sanding or polishing, accidentally cutting your skin or filing your fingernails is an unfortunately common problem for jewellery makers.  

This tape protects you from all of that, and even improves your grip when handling small parts. It’s also non-sticky and easy to remove, so won’t feel awkward to use at all.  

If you don’t already have some of this tape, we highly recommend it.  

Rathburn Ring Stretcher

Large Rathburn Ring Stretcher

If you specialise in making rings, a ring stretcher is a must-have tool. This portable stretcher evenly increases the size of a ring. If you have one of these, it is much more affordable than using an industrial stretcher, as well as being easy to use. We love how convenient this tool is and recommend it to anyone who works with rings, or wants to start.  

Depending on the size of the rings you start out with, you may need the larger version of the ring stretcher. 

GRS® Thermo-Loc Sticks 

GRS® Thermo-Loc Sticks

This mouldable compound is great for holding small items in place, as an alternative to other fixing methods like clamps or pitch. As a jeweller, handling irregular shaped or fragile items might be quite tricky, but you no longer have to worry with these thermo-loc sticks. They will hold them securely and have the advantage of being reusable – use them with GRS® vices for an even more secure hold.  

Silicone Polishing Wheels 

Silicone Polishing Wheels

Often, making jewellery can take up a lot of your time and effort, but it is important not to forget about the polishing process. Get stocked up on this assortment of polishing wheels so you are ready for polishing and sanding your next piece to perfection. This set contains a variety of shapes in coarse to extra-fine, which are easy to use and suitable for a variety of polishing needs.  

Scrap Bag 

Scrap Bags

Do you find that you have a lot of scrap metals that you need to get rid of? Make sure you keep some of our free scrap bags handy, as you can use them to return any scrap precious metals to us. Simply complete our scrap recycling service form, take the bag to your post office, and it will be returned to us free of charge to be processed. Once it has been tested, you will receive the monetary value of your precious metal in return. 

Classic Parallel Action Pliers Nylon Flat Nose 

Classic parallel action pliers

If you want to grip pieces of metal sheet, bend wire or hold beads more easily, these pliers are the perfect tool to use. Their nylon jaws will prevent them from marking your metal. If you don’t already own a pair of these pliers, we really recommend them.  

Which tools or materials do you think deserve more appreciation? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook.  

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Author: Sian Brown
Written by

Sian Brown

Sian has been hand making her award winning jewellery in the West Midlands for over 12 years. Sian spent 10 years in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter before relocating to a quiet Worcestershire village.