Wire wrapping is such a fun and exciting way to create jewellery. If you’re new wire wrapping, knowing where to start can be overwhelming which is why we want to help. Part of our how to make jewellery hub includes our dedicated focus on wire wrapping and to start you off, we’ve collated just a few of our top tips to help you…

1: File the ends of your wire

Whatever wire jewellery designs you’re working with, it’s important to make sure that you finish off the ends of your wire by filing. Often when cut your wire, some sharp edges can be left behind so filing makes the pieces safe to wear. Use a flat file or pillar file or flat needle file, to smooth away any sharp edges to create that professional premium finish.

2: Keep your Round Nose Pliers Close

Your round nose pliers will be invaluable when you’re perfecting your wire jewellery designs, so make sure you keep them close. When you first start producing jump rings or other tight loops for your designs it can be difficult to keep them uniform.

One way of conquering this is to mark a specific point on your pliers using a marker or scribers, to will ensure that when you start forming loops with your pliers there’s no need to guess; simply use the mark in your pliers for a consistent loop every time.

3: Don’t forget to work-harden your wire when finished

To ensure your wire wrapped jewellery stands up to everyday wear and tear, you’ll need to work harden it. Work hardening is the process of forcing wire into a harder state, giving it strength and therefore allowing it to hold its shape.

This can be done in a number of ways.

· Hammering the wire with a rawhide mallet

· Twisting the wire with a pair of pliers

· Pulling the wire straight multiple times

(Work hardening can be done before and after you have completed your design)

4: Remember to close loops to keep your gemstones in place

If you are wire wrapping gemstones, your main concern will be making sure you close the loops in your wire to ensure your gemstones remain firmly in place. The great thing about wire wrapping jewellery is that you can close loops in a creative yet functional way to create unique pieces.

Now you’re ready to put these wire wrapping techniques into practice, so stock up on your chosen wire jewellery supplies. Choose from copper, brass, silver, yellow and white-gold wire to create your signature jewellery making style

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