Organise Your Jewellery Making Workspace

Christmas is coming! Yes, the mince pies and selection boxes are slowly creeping into stores, as retailers begin to build up their stocks for the big event. It may still be early, but the calm before the storm is a great opportunity to take stock and get organised. There is nothing more therapeutic than a good sort out, so why not do it now before things get too busy.

If you have a tendency to throw tools every which way when you are in the middle of a job, then you need more upright storage to try and prevent this from happening. A wooden file stand is a lovely, simple way to do this, whilst still enabling you to have your files and emery sticks clearly visible and within easy reach.

Wooden File Stand

Wooden File Stand (999 099E)

The stand has internal dividers to separate your tools, which helps with quick identification and is so much better than just putting them all together into a jar. Measuring only 13cm x 14cm x 8.5cm, this stand has only a small footprint so is perfect for the top of your workbench, yet still boasts a good sized, overall storage capacity with 7 internal compartments.

Sometimes it’s the simple solutions which are the most effective, and grip seal bags are a prime example of a classic yet basic workshop staple which most of us can’t manage without – so now is the time to stock up. Do you have the right sizes, or do you keep picking up that one with the hole in the bottom?

Anti-Tarnish Small Clear Poly Zip-lock Bags

Anti-Tarnish Small Clear Poly Zip-lock Bags (963 072X)

We have a huge selection of these bags in our range, including some great anti-tarnish options like the bag shown above, so do yourself a favour and order some more before it’s too late.

If you have some wall space to spare and you are lacking any built-in bench storage, a magnetic tool holder could be the answer. It has two strong magnets running the length of the piece which will hold tools securely, freeing up your workbench surface which is particularly useful if you are multi-tasking in one area.

Magnetic Wooden Tool Holder

Magnetic Wooden Tool Holder (999 099C)

This wooden holder comes with pre-drilled holes and two long screws, so is ready to be attached to a wall straight away. Why not use in multiples to build up a wall of magnetic storage, and re-claim your bench space?

These stackable containers from Beadalon are a firm favorite, so whilst we are on the subject of pre-Christmas organisation we thought we would remind you of just how useful they are.

Beadalon Large Stackable Containers

Beadalon Large Stackable Containers (999 098Q)

For a reasonable price, you can have visible, stackable, portable storage for beads, findings, solder and stones with no corners where things can get trapped, and with no hinges that can break.

Finally, why not take this opportunity to collect together your scrap metal and send it to us for refining? It couldn’t be easier – simply order your free scrap pot or bag, fill it up, return to us and let Cooksongold take care of the rest.

Cooksongold Scrap Bag

Cooksongold Scrap Bag

A clear workspace does tend to promote clear thinking, so a good sort out is definitely worth doing as the festive season approaches. So, don’t put it off any longer and organise your workspace with our wide range of storage options for your jewellery making needs.

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