This summer’s jewellery trends are shaping up to be as dynamic and bright as the season itself. Inspiration is drawn from the vibrant colours of summer, the beauty of nature and the bold clarity of geometric design. Let’s dive into the top jewellery trends that will define summer 2024.

Summer Colour Pallette

Colour is back in a big way this year. While pastel shades continue to dominate, there’s a growing interest in vibrant colours that reflect summer’s energy. Turquoise, bright orange and lush green will be popular choices, often combined in multi-coloured pieces or used as bold monochrome statements. These colours not only enhance summer outfits but also add a pop of joy to everything you wear.

Geometric Shapes

Sharp lines and geometric shapes are defining features of this summer’s jewellery trends. These shapes are not just visually striking but also show a sense of symmetry and balance. Whether it’s a hexagonal pendant or an angular bracelet, geometric jewellery pieces are proving to be both contemporary and timeless, perfect for your summer collection.

Shell Jewellery

Shell jewellery is making a significant comeback this summer, infusing collections with a touch of natural beauty and nostalgia. Summer 2024’s shell jewellery is far from simple, these pieces are sophisticated and often combined with other materials like pearls and semiprecious stones to elevate the look. From shell-shaped charms on bracelets to whole shells used as statement pendants, shell jewellery is the perfect way to add a bit of seaside flair to your look during the warmer months of the year.

Mixed Metals

Summer 2024 encourages the mixing of metals in a single piece of jewellery, creating a rich, layered look that is both modern and timeless. Silver and gold can be seen intertwined in intricate designs that provides a different look to your jewellery rather than having just one metal. This trend not only offers versatility in styling, but also highlights the craftsmanship behind each piece, making every item a work of art. Mix and match different metal tones to create a unique and personalised style that reflects your personality.

Summer 2024 jewellery trends celebrate bold expression, artistic precision and an appreciation for nature. Each trend offers you a unique way to elevate your personal style and connect with the essence of summer. Embracing these trends will not only enhance your collection this season, but also keep you up to date in the dynamic evolution of jewellery design. Add these statement pieces to your collection and revel in the creativity and elegance they bring to every summer occasion.

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Author: Sian Brown
Written by

Sian Brown

Sian has been hand making her award winning jewellery in the West Midlands for over 12 years. Sian spent 10 years in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter before relocating to a quiet Worcestershire village.